Our family had such a wonderful time traveling this summer and sharing our travel experiences as an Alamo brand ambassador.  It was our goal to get off the tourist path and really explore the local culture while creating special memories and really cultivating family bonds that will last a lifetime.

To celebrate our trip and to share our experiences of going ‘beyond basic’ with our friends, we threw a fun travel party to pass on some amazing Alamo gifts to send them off on their own family travel adventures – well equipped. 😉


// Since our celebration was all about travel, we stuck with a car theme. //


// These two cuties weren’t so sure how the selfie props work! //


// All these snacks actually make great travel snacks!  Just throw them in a zip lock baggie and you are good to go!  P.S. Why are ‘pigs in a blanket’ SO GOOD?! //


// The car cookies were a big hit!  Thank you Jamie!  //


// Blue + Yellow for Alamo, of course! //


// Now they are getting the hang of it!  (Except that goes on your neck, Knox.) 😉 //


// Our friends shared their travel related ideas + resolutions in a travel journal. //


// The centerpieces turned out to be a big hit with the big boys! //


// Knox helping pass out the Alamo party favors to his friends. //



// Sending our guest off with their Alamo Drive Happy travel kit for their next family vacation! //


// Stylin’ in their Alamo sunnies! //


// These two are ready to depart for their next family vacation!  How cute is this?! //

Please share your summer travel plans with your tips to go ‘beyond basic’ this summer in the comments below.  Traveling with kids can bring it’s own set of challenges, but keeping the dialogue open can help other moms strengthen their family bonds with a less stressful trip!  Bon Voyage!

Photographed by Kate Robinson

This party + post is brought to you in partnership with Alamo.  Thank you for supporting the brands that help make HOUSE of HARPER possible!