You may have seen that we recently overhauled the boys’ closets, and now their toys are so nice and organized! It was super helpful to purge or store some of the toys they had outgrown — now Knox and Andrew can easily find the toys they love playing with. I got a lot of questions from you all on stories whenever they boys are playing with their toys so I thought it would be a good idea to round up their current favorites in one easily accessible place for you all. These are all the current toys the boys are loving right now. Feel free to leave questions in the comments below and I will get to them all.

1.Tonka Truck – this durable dump truck goes from being pushed around our street to loading dirt and rocks at the ranch. It’s been a favorite for years for both our boys. | 2.Basketball Hoop – Knox had his first basketball season this fall and he loves to play HORSE and practice in the driveway! This adjustable goal is perfect! We currently have it set at 6 ft. | 3. Art Kit – Knox is our little artist and we take this in the car, to the ranch and even leave it on the kitchen table to entertain the boys while I make dinner.| 4. Sand Playset – both the boys love Kinetic sand, but it’s Andrew who will sit here for hours and play. I leave ours in a big container store storage box with a lid. He usually plays with it on the back patio, but when weather doesn’t permit, I let him play with it on the kitchen table, too. He builts sand castles or buries his cars and dinosaurs. | 5. Transforming Truck – Andrew is obsessed with all things Cars! We got him this transformer for his birthday and it has been a huge hit! They will race cars on the track and it never gets old! | 6. Inflatable Slide – this was a purchase from last year, but it is still a favorite. We don’t have a pool in our backyard and Houston summers are brutal so this was expensive, but the best money ever spent! We put it in the front yard and all the neighbors enjoy it! | 7. Cars Launcher, Cars Pack – Again, Andrew loves his cars! This was on my IG Stories and I got so many questions about it! Andrew races them down the hall to see which car is the fastest. | 8. Garbage Truck – Our neighbor had this truck and Andrew was always trying to take it so we got him his own for Christmas. Both the boys love to fill it with ‘treasures’ they find pushing it around outside.| 9. Rock Painting Kit – Since Knox loves art so much, we took this to the ranch and they decorated rocks to leave outside. It was a hit with all the cousins. | 10. Sleep Clock – This isn’t exactly a toy, but both the boys love their clocks. We set the bedtime and wake time so they know when they can get out of their beds. It has been so helpful for both the boys ages and they actually follow the rules of staying in bed until their clock turns yellow! Knox also like the bedtime stories and music (even after we read and sing to him). | 11. Phonics Box – I can’t believe it, but Knox can read! Every night each boy gets to pick a book that we read to them and then Knox reads one of these to us. He is amazing us all with the words he sounds out! | 12. Splash Pad – This is actually our neighbors toy, but when the boys were playing with it on IG Stories you all went nuts and I got probably 100 questions asking about it, so here it is!

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