I love finding something special for my mom each Mother’s Day. She’s always so helpful with the boys (they call her “Sugar”) and always thinking of others before herself, so it’s nice to treat her for a change! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite gift ideas to share with you — including these monogram towels which I also bought for myself! Whether you’re buying something for your mom or putting together your own wish list, I hope these ideas are helpful! xo

1.Canteen Bag | 2. Hair Dryer Set | 3. Temperature Control Mug | 4. Loafer Mules | 5. Silk Pillowcase | 6. Hoop Earrings | 7. Monogram Towels | 8. Floral Scent | 9. Pajamas | 10. Brass Vase | 11. Cosmetic Case | 12. Pearl Headband

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