A lot of you have asked what items we are buying for baby sister. Since she is our third, we have most of everything we need, but she is our first girl so, of course, there are some fun new things I want too. 😉 Also, Andrew (our youngest) is now FOUR so a few things have changed in the baby world since we were in this phase last.

The main thing I knew I wanted/ needed was a new infant carseat. The boys’ was pretty gross after two babies, so I didn’t save it when Andrew outgrew it. Since then, I have heard rave reviews about the Doona convertible car seat so my sweet MIL gifted us one. I think I am most excited about the convenience of this new addition to our baby gear!

Another new technology that has come out since Andrew is the Nanit Baby Monitor. I am a sucker for all things that make our lives easier, and this looked too cool to pass up! I can’t wait to use it when she arrives and I promise to let you know what I think after we are a few months in. This camera includes sleep tracking (Nanit gives you your baby’s sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel of their sleep). It tracks—and understands—sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions and much more. It is also Alexa compatible and we got the sleep wear for Breaths per Minute and get real-time alerts for peace of mind.

The last thing we got, gear wise, is the doc-a-tot. I believe they were fairly new when I had Andrew, but I never purchased one. Since then, I have heard all my friends rave about them and watched how well my niece slept in hers so we actually are borrowing one from a friend. I bought a cute wicker bassinet from a neighbor that I plan to put the doc-a-tot in for her to sleep or nap in at time.

Is there any new must-have items you think we missed, I am going to need all the refreshers since it has been so long since we had a baby in the house! Please share anything you are loving in the comments below! xo

1.One Piece & Bonnet | 2. Teether | 3. Pajamas | 4. Bath Set | 5. Diaper Bag Organizer | 6. Car Seat Canopy | 7. Baby Monitor | 8. Bubble | 9. Dock Cover | 10. Swaddle | 11. Car Seat | 12. Bloomer & Bib

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