{hair and make-up}

{the models back stage}

{the presentation}

{designers, julie haus-alkire and jason alkire}

This is my last, but certainly not the least Fashion Week post.  On Valentine’s Day, the husband wife duo, Julie Haus-Alkire and Jason Alkire, showcased their first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The designers have had a promising start to 2012 after winning the Ecco Domani 2012 Womenswear award in January and debuting their first collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this month.  Haus is the fashion designer behind the label while Alkire is the artist and photographer. Together their goal is to merge fashion with art.

Julie happens to be from my hometown in Texas and she and Jason are dear friends.  So, I thought I would let you watch the show and let the clothes speak for themselves, since my opinion would obviously be a little bias.