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I am so excited to publish our Houston City Guide today!  You can find it on the main menu bar for easy access or link to it here.

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I have lived in Houston for a little over two years now, but this city continues to amaze me.  I like to think of Houston as our own hidden gem that the rest of the country continues to under-estimate.  (Which I guess is okay because we can’t handle much more traffic. 😉 ) But with Super Bowl 51 only a week away, the rest of the world is about to see the changes that Houston has undergone in the last decade and discover the city I have fallen in love with (and now call home).  Houston, once only known as the world oil capital and the world’s largest medical district, now also boast world renown restaurants, modern high-rises, lush city parks, and best in class cultural and entertainment venues.  With Houston being the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the country, it’s no wonder you will find something for everyone here.

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I made this city guide for people visiting Houston and wanting to know the best our city has to offer, but I also created it for my fellow Houstonians to remind us how much our city has to offer and to encourage us to get out and take advantage of it!  There are so many times we are heading to dinner and can’t think of anywhere to go or are enjoying a beautiful day outside and can’t decide which park to venture to.  For these moments, I want to be able to pull up this little guide and have all my personal favorites in one convenient spot to make an informed decision.

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I will continue to update the guide as we discover new places and new restaurants open, so always check back for new discoveries.  A huge thank you my assistant, Isa, who worked to turn my random list from text messages, emails and sticky notes into this beautiful guide!  I definitely couldn’t have done this without her or our talented friends at Chloë Digital who brought my vision to life and made it even better!