From the moment we found out I was pregnant, I felt such love for the baby growing inside me. We went into the first doctor’s appointment with such mixed emotions. We were so nervous, but mostly just overwhelmingly excited. I have never felt such pure joy and love as I did when I saw that teeny gummy bear on the monitor and heard his heart beat for the first time at just 9 weeks old.

The next 8 months were a mix of anxiously awaiting his arrival, frantically preparing every little detail (down to the last washed onesie), and day dreaming of what he would be like – from the day we meet him until he becomes an adult.

I spent the months before his arrival agonizing over every detail for his nursery to create the perfect environment for him to feel our love. Since he was born, I have showered him with kisses and told him how much I love him every day. And every day on out, I will continue to show him my love by guiding him and preparing him (in the best way I can), for the day his is old enough to go out on his own.

Of all the wishes we have dreamed for our son, the most emotionally overwhelming is that he knows how much he is loved. By truly knowing our love for him, we hope this brings him the confidence and self-worth that will make all our other wishes for him come true, as well.  He is worthy of God’s love, he deserves of a loving companion, he is confident enough to stand up for his beliefs, and he is courageous enough to be himself. (To see all our #wishesforbaby see this post.)

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Photographed by Kate Robinson

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