Remember when I walked the runway for Intel & IFB? One of the perks of the job was to test their new Ultrabook Inspired by Intel. I received the Dell XPS 13 which made for an easy transition since my last 3 computers have all been Dells. (I know, I am probably the only blogger not using a Mac, but being an excel nerd by day, I have never been able to make the switch.)

{size scale: my previous Dell laptop}

{size scale: inside my Tory Burch tote}

Please remember I am not a tech person. All opinions stated below are strictly based on my personal computer use as a blogger on the go!

1. Size: Being a girl who is always on the go, size is important to me. I can easily slide the Ultrabook into most my handbags, and it doesn’t weigh me down when running around the city. Over the past few weeks, it has gone with me to the airport, coffee shops and the park without weighing down my bag or having to carry around an additional tote. No more bag lady!

Specs: The XPS 13 Ultrabook™ is a slim 6 mm (0.24”) at its thinnest point [only 18 mm (0.71”) at its thickest point], and features a 13.3″ HD display. Starting at 2.99lbs

2. Battery Life: As I mentioned above, I have road tested the laptop on several day trips where I couldn’t plug in. My first test was a flight from New York to Houston (with a connection in Dallas). I charged the computer the night before, so I started the day with a full battery. I used it at LGA airport when waiting to board, on the entire flight to DFW and again on the short flight to Houston. When I had to power off electronic devices when I finally arrived in Houston, I still had a battery to power off. Amazing.

Specs: 47WHr battery; 6-Cell Li-Polymer (built-in)7 *Battery is built-in to the laptop and is not replaceable by the customer. Up to 8 hours, 53 minutes battery life*

3. Speed: I have been using the Ultrabook as my primary personal computer since I brought it home. I store and edit my blog photos, manage my email and social media accounts, and watch the occasional video. I always have a minimum of six browsers open along with my editing software. I can honestly say, I have been so impressed with the power and speed of such a small and light weight device. I was a little worried that I would have to sacrifice speed for the sleek design. So far, not the case.

Specs: 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processors, this Ultrabook™ delivers the speed and performance you’ve come to expect from the XPS family. XPS™ 13 Ultrabook™ boots in as little as 8 seconds and resumes from sleep mode in just 1 second (4 seconds from deep sleep). A solid-state drive and Intel® Rapid Start Technology make it possible.

Favorite feature: Face Login Mode – never have to remember your passwords again with face recognition login! By far my favorite feature.


1. Keyboard & Mouse Pad: So far, my biggest complaint has been getting used to the mouse pad. Maybe this is more of a personal issue than a design defect, but I keep finding myself accidentally adjusting the zoom of the screen size without meaning to. I am also not used to having a Fn button on my older computer so I am still adjusting to new location of Ctrl and Fn.

Specs: Standard full size, backlit chiclet keyboard; spill-resistant Glass integrated button touchpad with gesture support

2. SD Card Reader: I was used to simply inserting my SD Card directly into my old laptop to move images over, but the new Ultrabook doesn’t have this option. I had to get my camera cord back out to download files which isn’t a huge issue when I am at home, but it is one more thing I now have to remember to carry with me when traveling.

Specs: Ports, Slots & Chassis: USB 3.0 (1)+ USB 2.0 with PowerShare (1); mini DisplayPort (1); Headset Jack (1)

Disclosure: I was gifted the Dell XPS 13 by Intel to test and review. Opinions are solely my own. All tech “specs” information was found here.