As I was looking at my traffic analytics earlier this year, I noticed my ‘about‘ page is one of the highest traffic pages on the blog.  This got me thinking.  So many people I met want to know how HOUSE of HARPER came about, where the name came from, etc.  So I decided to bring this little blog to life by creating a fun 3:30 minute video so you get to know me and HOUSE of HARPER a little better.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!  If you have any other questions I didn’t answer in the video, feel free to ask them in the comments below and I promise to answer them all.
xo, CHK

A huge thank you to my fellow Houston creatives for bringing this video to life!  Videography by the talented Cody Bess.  Boutique scenes shot at my favorite local designer’s studios: David Peck + Elaine Turner.  Thank you so much for loaning your beautiful boutiques to shoot scenes from this video.

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