Serena & Lily: South Seas Side Cart | Dauphine Table Lamp

I have been a huge fan of Serena & Lily for years, but I truly became obsessed when I was pregnant with Knox and I was sourcing nursery inspiration. Then, we moved back to Texas and bought our first home and I wanted just about everything in each catalog that I poured over as soon as it arrived on our doorstep.

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my tried and true favorites from Serena and Lily that we have lived with and loved over the years.

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Serena & Lily Border Frame Duvet in Grove

The Serena & Lily Border Frame Duvet is now in both the boys’ rooms. If you are super observant, you may remember we had a different duvet on Andrew’s bed when we first moved in, but he only wanted to sleep in the extra twin bed in Knox’s room. After several nights of them not going to bed and playing in their room instead, I tried to convince Andrew to go sleep in his own room. I had no idea he felt this way, but he told me he didn’t like his new bed because the covers weren’t soft like the beds in Knox’s room. I felt terrible and desperate for them to get a better night sleep so I ordered Andrew the same quilt and duvet from Serena & Lily and now Andrew will actually sleep in his own room every night. In fact, he is SO excited about his big boy bed!

Serena & Lily Border Frame Duvet in Midnight & Sandpiper Quilt in Navy

Here Knox is snuggled up in their original bedding from our old house which we all still love! It has held up so well in all the washes and still feels just as soft and the colors still look just as vibrant as they didn’t when we purchased them. I got several comments that I was crazy putting white bedding in a little boys room, but I can’t say enough good things about how well the duvet washes! No regrets and I even did it again in Andrew’s new room. 😉

Serena & Lily Kids’ Riviera Chairs and Kids’ Riviera Play Table

Serena & Lily Kids’ Riviera Chairs and Kids’ Riviera Play Table

This adorable French Riviera Play Table and chairs is another gift that keeps on giving. We have used and loved this table in the breakfast area of our old kitchen (where the boys played restaurant on many occasions setting the table with candles and flowers), Andrew’s bedroom (seen here) and the kids’ playroom. The kids color, do puzzles, snack and everything in between on this table that is both functional for them, but also aesthetically pleasing in any room for me. The top is easy to wipe clean with a magic eraser and still looks good as new today, three years later.

Serena & Lily Seaview Rug in Earth

This is a view of our family room from our kitchen. This room is hard to photograph because of the open concept and wall of French doors, but this is where you can usually find us. Because of the size of the room, we layered two rugs on top of each other to create a more intimate space and define the ‘living room’ from the breakfast nook and kitchen. I love how the Serena & Lily Seaview Rug in Earth is neutral so it doesn’t compete with all the colors and fabrics used in the pillows and furniture. It has also been extremely durable and easy to clean with our family of five. The pattern and colors hide stains well.

Dip-Dyed Oval Stool

We have two Serena & Lily Dip-Dyed Oval Stools around the house. The higher ceilings in the kitchen and butler’s pantry mean even I can’t reach the top shelf so we all get good use out of the cute step stools. Since we leave these out in the kitchen for easy access, I wanted them to look nice. I love how the stool matches our home and looks like another piece of furniture.

Of course, I always have a few more Serena & Lily items on my wish list like this adorable loveseat for the playroom, end tables for Millie’s future big girl room and you can never have enough scalloped wicker pieces!

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