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Every day I am taking mental notes to freeze these moments in my mind forever. I hope to never forget the precious, innocent ages of the boys today. Knox says the most hilarious things Andrew is at the most adorable stage where he still snuggles and has his sweet baby moments, but he also will play chase with Knox and desperately wants to be a big boy at the same time.

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Photographed by Kate Robinson

Dear Knox and Andrew,

You have given me the most wonderful gift of becoming a mom, but more importantly becoming YOUR mom.  You fill me with the most unimaginable joy with a simple hug or settling down to read a book with me.

Knox, when you were born it was the most magical and emotional time of our lives.  We were all in and all consumed.  Of course, you were the most beautiful baby we had ever seen and you amazed us every day from your surprise arrival at only 34 weeks, meeting the goals every day in the NICU so we could bring you home and every expectation you have surpassed since.  Your eagerness to learn and your curiosity for life serve you well in the classroom (at only three you are wise beyond your years!) and on the playground.  You are the child that wants to jump off the high dive and ride the roller coaster without ever looking back.  I’m certain this is the cause of all my new gray hairs, but I love you for your sense of adventure!  You love just as passionately and you are so generous.  Every day after school you greet me with excitement and the biggest hug!  You bring me treasures from the playground and always pick me flowers.  You have become the sweetest helper with your brother or helping with little chores and you do it with a smile on your face.  (Probably because you are a type-A neat freak like your mama.)   But watching you stand up for and protect your little brother is my favorite quality yet.  I pray you always stick together and are always there for one another.  Having a sibling so close in age will be your greatest gift as you grow older, never take that for granted.

Baby Drew, we are going to have to stop calling you that soon because you are quickly becoming a big boy (and it has me wanting time to stand still at the precious age of 17 months old)!  Having a second child is a scary time for a mom because you worry how they will fit in and how the older child will handle the transition, but the moment I held you in my arms my heart doubled in size and we couldn’t imagine or remember life before you.  You have the sweetest demeanor.  You welcome those you love with the longest and sweetest hugs, complete with your head on our shoulder and patting our back.  I want to remember these hugs forever and I hope you still give them out when you are 18!  You are one tough kiddo, probably thanks to that big brother of yours never giving you a minute to yourself.  You are the happiest boy who loves music and dancing and chasing birds.  You love your brother and want to do everything the big boys are doing.  I love our quiet time reading books and snuggling with snacks when you wake up from your nap.

Being your mom is my favorite job, my greatest gift and my truest joy in life.  I pray you will always stick together and grow up best friends.  Your father and I love you so much and we are already so proud of you both.  It is our prayer that you will always put your faith and family first.  Always be kind to others and do your best.  Know that you are loved more than you will ever know and you always have a place to come home to, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to you.

I love you to the moon and back.

outfit details: shirt: Maxwell & Mackay (similar here) | jeans: Madewell |

Andrew: Feltman Brothers (similar)| Knox: shirt: GAP | jeans: GAP |

bedding: c/o Frette | bed: Gilt Groupe | chair: One King’s Lane (recovered + refinished)

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