Photo by Monica Wang Courtesy of MARYSIA

Just in time for swimsuit season, we had the chance to sit down with Marysia Reeves, the designer and founder of one of our very favorite swimsuit brands MARYSIA. We have been following her beautiful swimsuit designs since she launched the brand nearly a decade ago. Over the years MARYSIA has become a cult favorite among celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers, and stylish sunbathers across the globe. You’re probably familiar with her trademark scalloped edging which is done by hand. Marysia has expanded her collection to include gorgeous resort wear, accessories, and an adorable kids’ collection called Bumby. She’s the mother of two daughters, and we loved chatting with her about her growing brand and her family’s love of the outdoors. Read on below!

Your gorgeous swimwear line has garnered a cult following among trendsetters, bloggers, and celebrities. How did you initially get the word out about your brand? Were there any key moments at the beginning when you realized you had created a successful concept?

MR: There were a few pivotal moments starting with Charleston Fashion Week and winning the emerging designer award. From there, we worked really hard to secure some key retail accounts and press placements. This was pre-Instagram, so we couldn’t yet rely on our own social media channels to tell the MARYSIA story yet. Another moment that is so memorable is when Lupita Nyong’o wore one of my bikinis and the photograph was everywhere – she looked so stunning!

You are originally from Poland, grew up in Delaware, and have lived in L.A., Charleston, New York, and now L.A. again. How have these various places impacted your design and vision for the brand?

MR: So many intangible ways – I would say that the strongest influence on my design, fabrics and fit come from my childhood wearing ballet leotards and teenage years as a life guard. The first New York move may have given the collection some edge and LA offers its more laid-back vibes. It’s still evolving!

The concept for MARYSIA began in Charleston. How did you decide to launch your own label and what was the inspiration behind your first collection?

MR: I think that having my daughter was the major impetus for me. I wanted to create something that she would be proud of. I always knew that I wanted to work in a creative field. I was with an architect firm before moving to New York for an internship with Milly. At the time J. Crew was where most of my friends were buying their swimwear, and I realized that there was a huge void in the market for high quality, minimal, chic suits for women.

Your brand is renowned for the chic scallop edging. What is your most popular swimwear piece to date? Do you have a favorite?  

MR: The Antibes style is a classic. There’s something very timeless about that design and it still appeals to people. My current favorite is the French Gramercy maillot.

How do you continue to evolve as a brand while still appealing to your loyal customers who continue to want and love your signature scallop styles?

MR: I think that evolving while staying true to my core vision for the brand is how I do it. Regardless of the season, I would say that my collection offers minimal designs in the highest quality fabrics with thoughtful construction and design details with a dash of softness and femininity.

How many people are now on the MARYSIA team?

MR: We are growing because of our new store in New York City, so we are up to about 20 now.

Describe the MARYSIA woman in a few words:

MR: She cares about design, art, fashion, appreciates well-made products and cares about female-forward brands.

You’ve expanded from swimwear to resort wear and Bumby, your kids collection. Are there any exciting new collections or collaborations in the works that you can share with us?

MR: Yes, our new collection of beach hats!

What is your favorite way to spend quality time with your daughters during the week?

MR: We always have breakfast together and my husband and I walk them to school. That moment is really important to us.

What life lesson or value do you most hope to teach your daughters?

MR: I’d say that we are a very close family with a love of the outdoors. My husband surfs and we love long walks, farmer’s markets, spending the day at the beach, and just enjoying life’s simple moments.

Are your daughters interested in your business? Can you see either one of them pursuing a similar career?

MR: They are interested – and of course the best models for the kid’s line! I hope that one, or both, become interested in some aspect of the business down the road. They see my husband and I work together, so hopefully we are setting the right example!

Favorite places to shop for the girls?

MR: Bonpoint is so great for their school clothes and special occasion dresses.

Tell us about your family’s morning routine.

MR: My husband always makes me coffee and breakfast for the family. We then do school drop off and I usually head straight to the office.

What tips do you have for mothers with full time careers striving to maintain a sense of balance?

MR: Balance is hard – some days I feel like I have it covered, some days I feel like I’m failing everyone. I’d say that love and support come first, and if other things fall through the cracks don’t be too hard on yourself.

How has your personal style changed since becoming a mother?

MR: Practical and functional clothes are more predominant in my wardrobe, but I still love getting dressed up and making the effort every morning.

How has your outlook on your career shifted since having children?

MR: I’m not sure that it has. My career has always been important to me and while it’s more challenging to balance a family with a full time business, I still love having this creative outlet.

Browse some of our favorite pieces by Marysia below!