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We are constantly inspired by women we know who are killing it at work while also juggling motherhood. On our recent House of Harper trip to New York City we caught up with Gabby Cohen, the SVP of PR and Brand Strategy for SoulCycle. Over the past decade SoulCycle, the indoor cycling studio that has taken the fitness world by storm, has expanded across the country and garnered a cult-like following. During her seven years (and counting) in the PR and Marketing department at SoulCycle’s HQ in Tribeca, Gabby has been an instrumental part of the company’s growth. She has simultaneously raised her daughter Cece (6) and son Max (3) with her husband Jeff, while also finding time for her daily SoulCycle classes and staying fit (of course!). We chatted with Gabby about the company culture at SoulCycle, what it is like to raise a family in NYC, and how she “integrates” her job, parenting, marriage, and personal interests.

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Tell us a little about your career journey and how you landed at SoulCycle.

GC: I I was working in PR and Marketing for hotels and tourism at an amazing agency and loved my job. I was not looking to make a move but I had always been a huge fitness fanatic and was excited about the prospect of working for SoulCycle. I met the founders and fell in love with the mission and the brand and took a leap of faith. It was the best calculated risk I’ve ever taken.

Give us an overview of your job description as SVP of PR and Brand Strategy for SoulCycle. What does your day to day look like?

GC: Every day is different! I spend a lot of time with our executive team focusing on the future vision and innovation for the brand as well as time with my team driving the press and influencer strategy. I also spend as much time in the field as possible!

Favorite part about working for SoulCycle?

GC: Hands down, the people! Soul people are the best people.

Your career goals in a nutshell:

GC: To help people find the best version of themselves through wellness.

You’ve been at SoulCycle for 7 years and have grown with the company. Any advice for how to move up within a company and prove your value?

GC: Focus on your work. Not your upward mobility. Work hard, raise your hand whenever there is an opportunity and remember that your job description is a guide for your job; you will work WAY outside of your job description and need to be willing and open to that.

When you became a mom, where were you in your career and how did motherhood impact your career/life goals?

GC: I really learned about time management and making the most of my time. I do my best to focus on work at work and focus on my family at home. It is NOT easy but it is what I strive for.

What work / life balance tips do you have for mothers who are also pursuing a career?

GC: There is no such thing as balance – it is truly about integration. If my nanny has to leave early, sometimes I have my kids in my office. It’s not ideal but I make it work. Plus, SoulCycle is a really fun place for kids!

How do you find time for yourself in the midst of motherhood and work? Are there activities / ways that you unwind?

GC: I ride whenever I can. It is 45-minutes of disconnection and it is my sanctuary. I also get a foot massage every Sunday evening in the nail salon under my building and clean out my inbox…it is my favorite way to start the week!

You recently celebrated your 10 year wedding anniversary (congrats!). Any tips for dedicating time and effort to your relationship while balancing work and kids?

GC: Ha! My poor husband gets the short end of the stick. We do our best to find time to take a SoulCycle class together, maybe once a week, and try and go out together one night a week. He is incredibly supportive and I would not be able to do my job without him by my side.

How do you incorporate fitness into your day to day even when you can’t squeeze in a SoulCycle class?

GC: I Citibike to work or walk when I can! And I chase my kids around NYC.

Tell us what an ideal weekend day with your family looks like.

GC: I try to take a SoulCycle class every Saturday morning, usually 8:30 AM with Laurie Cole in NOHO. Then I meet the kids and my husband, Jeff, for breakfast. We all take Max to soccer and then we try to do something cultural in the city, whether it is taking the ferry to Brooklyn or seeing a Broadway show. We really live NYC.

What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mother?

GC: I knew I had unconditional love from having a dog, but this level of love is something I never knew was possible. My heart aches with love for them.

Never leave home without:

GC: Cell phone, debit card, sneakers and a lip balm.

Favorite place to shop for Cece and Max?

GC: Rockets of Awesome (sign up now! So fun), H&M, Zara.

Favorite family-friendly restaurant in your neighborhood?

GC: We eat at 5 Napkin Burger 2-3 nights a week.

Best part about raising a family in New York?

GC: The opportunity! There is so much to see and do here – you just have to take advantage of it.

How has your personal style changed since becoming a mom?

GC: My clothing is much looser…No tight dresses for me!

What is the most important message you hope to convey to your children as they grow up?

GC: Be kind.

What is one piece of advice you have to pass on to new or expecting moms?

GC: Don’t take everything so seriously. As long as you have your health, that is the most important thing. And try to sleep.