I love how this sweet video perfectly captures the special memories I have of my Mom and grandmothers and also shows my sweet Knox and I creating our own scent memories.  A special fragrance is always a wonderful gift idea and Mother’s Day is no exception.  Give your mom the gift of a memory this year.

Elizabeth Arden Untold #EAMOMents_2
A fragrance can be a powerful thing. It can completely transport you to another place and time.

My oldest scent memory is of my grandmother. She wore perfume, lotion and bath powder and always smelled so sweet. When we were little and would get to spend the night at her house, she would let my sister and I use her bath powder after bath time. We always thought it was so special to be able to smell just like her!

Elizabeth Arden Untold #EAMOMents_5

Today, I can’t help, but wonder if my children and grandchildren will smell something that will transport them back to a favorite childhood memory.

Elizabeth Arden Untold #EAMOMents_3

Lately, I am loving Elizabeth Arden’s Untold. The other night when I was putting Knox down for bed before our date night, he leaned in and smelled me. It was one of the cutest and sweetest moments.

Elizabeth Arden Untold #EAMOMents_6

Photographed by Cody Bess

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The contest will end on May 10 and the winner will be announced on the following day.  Best of luck! xo

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