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I look at this picture and I don’t know how we got here so quickly.  I mean, my baby is almost two and started Mother’s Day Out last week!? And my big boy looks like he is ready to rule the school!  If I could freeze them at this age forever, I honestly think I just might do it.

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Photographed by Kate Robinson

It’s finally back to school time for most the children in Houston as most the schools and roads have re-opened post Harvey. We are all trying to get back to some sense of our ‘new normal’.  (While still doing everything we can to support our community and those who are starting the process to recover and rebuild.  Please see ways to continue to support Houstonians here.)

Growing up, back to school always meant back to school shopping.  Am I right?  It’s a new start and the perfect time to put up the dingy summer clothes and re-stock on all the fall essentials and trends.  My boys love to be comfortable, but I love for them to be stylish, obviously.  I love that we can shop at Bloomingdale’s to achieve both!  This year, I am loving their graphic t-shirts because it is a trend the whole family can get behind.  They look great paired with denim or a preppy pair of khakis.  I can’t get over how both the boys look like mini teenagers here.  I am getting a small glimpse at our future!

Knox is back at his same school from last year (in a new class), but whenever I would call it ‘his first day of school’, he would quickly correct me and say that it wasn’t his first day, he had been there before. However, it was definitely Andrew’s first day as he has always stayed home with me and / or our nanny when I was working.  (He does get dropped off at Sunday school without a tear so I was hopeful it would be a smooth transition.)  On his first day, he ran in and played with all the new toys so Fred and I decided we better sneak out.  After a few minutes, he realized we were gone and got upset, but it only lasted a few seconds before he was playing again.  I was most worried about nap time, but to my amazement, he actually took a one hour nap on the first day!  Friday was his second day, when we told him he was going to ‘school’ he excitedly ran out to the car!  I know they are both going to have an amazing year, and I can’t wait to watch them grow.  They are truly our greatest joys in life, and I know the teachers will think they are just as special as we do. 😉

Knox’s outfit details: Hoodie: Ralph Lauren| Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: NIKE |

Andrew’s outfit details: Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Pants: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: NIKE |

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