Christmas is two weeks (!) away, and we have a running list of festive activities we want to do before then, including watching our favorite holiday movies. We’re all about getting dressed up for holiday parties, but we also love having close friends and family over for intimate get-togethers this time of year. Below are four fun and easy at-home parties to throw while watching your favorite Christmas movies by the fire with hot cocoa in hand! 

1. Tacky Christmas Sweater Family Reunion

Movie: Elf, The Santa Claus, or Home Alone

It’s the best feeling when all of your siblings and family members are reunited at home for the holidays. With the tree decorated, stockings hung, and fireplace crackling, it’s the perfect setting for a festive movie night. Encourage your family members to embrace their quirkiness by wearing tacky Christmas sweaters and watching a comedy, like Elf, The Santa Claus, or Home Alone. Mix a seasonal cocktail for the 21+ crowd and whip up hot chocolate for the kiddos. For selfies (or a last minute Christmas card opp), bring tacky  accessories like reindeer antler headbands or matching PJ pants.

2. Girls’ Night In: Holiday Chick Flick & Wine Tasting 

Movie: The Holiday or A Family Stone

Instead of a gift or cookie exchange, invite your girlfriends to bring a bottle of red wine over for a blind taste test while you watch a Christmas chick flick, like The Holiday or A Family Stone. Throw in “Two Buck Chuck” to the mix to see if it outranks nicer bottles. You might be surprised by the results!

3. Cozy Christmas Date 

Movie: Love Actually

The holidays are easily one of the most romantic times of the year, and we love an annual Christmas date with our significant other. While it can be fun to go out to a nice dinner, we also love the idea of cooking a delicious dinner at home (like this delicious, cheesy pasta recipe) and putting on a favorite Christmas rom-com like Love Actually. Add eggnog and candles to the evening, and you’ve got a super cozy date night!  

4. Potluck Dinner & Game Night with Friends

Movie:White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life

With all of the holiday parties and dinners this time of year, it can be nice to catch up with your closest friends at home. Organize a potluck dinner followed by a game night, and have a classic Christmas movie, like White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, playing in the background.