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I am sorry for the slow posting this week. I had a little technical difficulty yesterday while we were doing some behind the scenes work on the site, but I honestly can’t blame the lack of posting totally on that. Truth is, I started a book this week and I decided to do a little pleasure reading Tuesday night instead of working on Wednesday’s post. Hey, sometimes we all just need a little break, right?

Without further ado, here are a few of my current favorite bold bedrooms. I love the idea of making your guest bedroom full of color and personality with a bright paint color or playful wallpaper! Who wouldn’t want to come stay in a room like one of these? My thought is if you go bold in a room you don’t live in everyday, you likely wouldn’t get tired of it as fast. What do you think?


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I love this bold paint choice + the gallery wall.


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It’s no secret that I have a blue and white obsession so I obviously love this wall paper + bedding selection.


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This is actually a little girl’s room, but take away the dolls on the bed and I think it is just a beautiful, feminine bedroom.


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I guess bold rooms are more popular with the young because this is a child’s room, as well.  I love the unisex mix of the green + yellow.  Switch out the posters for art and take away the stuffed animals and I think this room would also make for a happy guest room.


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Okay, this one is my favorite.  Everything about it.  It’s bold, sophisticated and fun all at the same time!

… find more bedroom inspirations on my pinterest board.