As I mentioned during our home tour, your entry is the first chance to make a bold impression and set the overall feel of your home. Moving from a New York City apartment, I was so excited to finally have a proper entryway. (Remember when I wrote this post?) But more importantly than bold though, I wanted our entry to be inviting. I love having guests over and want them to feel at home as soon as they enter the door. If you’ve been wanting to refresh your entry, read on below for my 6 decor tips for creating an inviting (and bold!) entry. 

Photo courtesy of Domino

Embrace Soft Lighting

When it comes to lighting, a great rule of thumb is to have all overhead lights set on a dimmer. I seldom have my overhead lights turned up all the way unless I’m in the kitchen prepping dinner or at my desk working. I prefer a softer lamp light, and I made sure to incorporate lamps into my entry decor. Lamp lighting immediately makes your home feel cozy and inviting, and sets a relaxed tone for everything from a birthday dinner to a cocktail party.

Photo courtesy of Calling it Home

Hang a Mirror

As a guest, I always appreciate when there is a mirror in someone’s entryway so that I can do a quick check before walking in and mingling with people. Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did the boys spill something on me on the way over? Mirrors are always greatly appreciated! It also opens up the room, which is nice when your foyer is on the smaller side like mine.  I love this image because it shows that even the smallest space can make a statement.

Provide Open Storage for Shoes and Accessories

When guests come over, I want them to feel completely at home. I encourage them to place purses and belongings in our baskets by the front door and to even take their shoes off if they wish. To make them feel comfortable doing so, I like to have a few of our own items on display (neatly of course) to keep them from feeling hesitant about leaving their bags, umbrellas, shoes, etc in our entry. Simple wicker baskets do the trick and look chic!

Photo by Domino courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Mix and Match 

When your decor isn’t perfectly matched just so, it gives your space a creative and comfortable vibe instead of feeling stuffy or over-calculated. We’ve all walked into homes that feel like you shouldn’t touch anything, which makes it difficult to feel at ease. I love embracing mixed and matched patterns and textures, like my blue and red traditional rug with leopard print stools, to give our home a sense of playfulness while still looking sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to pull in contrasting fabrics or to pair traditional with modern. If you’re hesitant to go too far outside of the box without guidance, there are plenty of sources for inspiration that can help you, like Pinterest, Domino, Apartment Therapy and MyDomaine.

Photo courtesy of @amylberry via @southernlivingmag

Offer Seating (Even If It’s Decorative)

Having some sort of seating in your entry says to guests “take a seat and stay a while.” Someone might need to sit down to take off their shoes, or they might need to excuse themselves to your entry to take a call or glance at their phone. Or they might need a place to sit while waiting for an Uber. Regardless, a chair, bench, or stool in your entry is a nice touch that helps guests feel welcome and relaxed.  I love this image because it shows some great alternatives to entry way styling with the round skirted table in the center.  This is a beautiful alternative when you have a large open entry.

Photo from our entryway tour

Bring In Lifestyle Elements

Your entry is the first opportunity you have to tell guests something about yourself. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality! I love adding warmth to our entry with flowers, a lit candle, and seasonal coffee table books (and even Rosie greeting guests at the door!). It shows that you put in the extra effort and that you really want your guests to be there.

Do you have any tips for making your entry feel inviting for guests? Or any specific memory of an especially inviting entry? I would love to hear in the comments below!