Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and while we love a special date night, we’re really excited about an excuse to plan a much needed girls’ night in to celebrate Galentine’s Day. We’ve been craving an old school slumber party with rom-coms, popcorn, sweet treats, a throwback playlist, party favors, and of course, cute pajamas. Soma sent us adorable mix and match pajama sets perfect for the occasion made with their signature Cool Nights fabric which is super soft and stays cool to the touch. We love the cute Valentine’s-themed prints!

For our girls’ night in, we decided to pamper ourselves with a trip downtown to the Four Seasons Houston for some R&R over girl talk, face masks, and late night cake eating (#treatyourself). If you’re planning a Galentine’s Day party, and want to throw it back to the golden days of slumber parties and matching pj’s, browse our checklist below of 5 party must-haves to ensure you’re making the most of one of our favorite themed parties of the year!

Girls-Night-In-Themed Party Favors

If party favors seem like a thing of the past, Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring them back. Create a girls-night-in themed basket with everything your friends could possibly need for the evening. We included lip gloss, a face mask, nail polish, Instagram-worthy Galentine’s accessories and super comfortable pajama sets from Soma.

‘90s Rom-Coms and Magazines

Galentine’s is the prime opportunity to catch up on all of your favorite chick flicks that perhaps your significant isn’t too fond of. A few ‘90s favorites include Notting Hill, When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Be sure to bring a stack of magazines to flip through (it doesn’t get more ‘90s than that!), and enjoy having a few hours to actually read magazines! If you’re feeling super creative, bring scissors and some craft paper for nostalgic scrapbooking.

The Ultimate Beauty Kit

Nail polish, eyeshadow, lip gloss, face masks, the whole nine yards.  It wouldn’t be a ‘90s themed Galentine’s party without colorful makeup followed by an eight count dance routine to Destiny’s Child. After that, cleanse your skin with a luxurious face mask while watching said rom-coms.  

Over the Top Festive Decor

Mix in beautiful Valentine’s-themed flower arrangements with playful party accessories like headbands and heart-patterned plates. Unlike the ‘90s, you and your friends now have social media, and you’ll want to show off your girls’ night in on Instagram stories — so make your party photo-worthy!

Sweet Treats and Wine (Duh!)

In case you didn’t know, calories don’t count when celebrating Galentine’s Day! Stock up on delicious snacks and something sweet, like a Galentine’s Day cake. And of course, lots of vino! We opted for a festive sparkling rose.

Photos by Kate Robinson.

This post was created in collaboration with Soma.

The beautiful flower arrangement is courtesy of JoyBox.

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