// moving announcement //

I am so excited to share with you that FMK and I are officially home owners (for the first time in our lives)! We are so excited to start new family traditions and make wonderful memories in our new home. We will be able to move in next month, just in time for the holidays!

Can you believe my in-laws are still letting us crash at their house?! We are going on our 3rd month of living with the Knapps and they have been such a God send! Free babysitters at night, dinner on the table, clean house, laundry done – you name it! But I guess we have to grow up sometime, right?

Of course I will be documenting the decorating progress here on HoH and on InstagramFacebook. Be sure to follow along! I can’t wait to share more with you!

*Have a favorite interior design website or local store? Please share with me in the comments below! I am having so much fun coming up with inspiration for the house, and I can’t wait to bring it to reality!

Can’t wait until next month to see inside our new home?  Take a look back at our NYC apartment pictures here: living room, bedroom, Knox’s airplane nursery and more!