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Do you find yourself picking up flowers every time you go to the grocery store this time of year? I can’t help but take home cheerful tulips to set on our coffee table. I’ve had the patio doors open every day with airy French music playing throughout the house, and I’m planning a housewarming party with lots of white wine.

One easy way to prep for guests and to make your home feel more Pinterest-worthy (even if only for your own eyes), is to update your coffee table. It seems like this task would be easy enough, but without guidance a coffee table top can feel a bit one dimensional or cluttered. We rounded up five coffee styling tricks from some of our favorite decor outlets that we will be putting into action before we have people over. If you’ve been looking for a spring home update on a budget, these tips are for you! Read ahead and enjoy going down a Pinterest rabbit hole of home decor inspo.

Image credit Pippa Drummond for Apartment Therapy

1. Use Items with Varying Heights

In this step by step coffee table styling formula by Apartment Therapy, the first trick is to use items with varying heights. But not too tall so that you can’t see your TV or other guests in the room! Stacking coffee table books, and even an item on top of the books, plus having some stemmed flowers as a center piece will give your coffee table depth without looking cluttered.

Photo by Amy Neunsinger on House Beautiful

2. Display Treasured Possessions

Interior Designer Mark D. Sikes told House Beautiful that one of his go-to coffee table styling tricks is to showcase your favorite collections, whether that be thrifted art, boxes, or books. A handful of magazines on a table feels impersonal and a bit empty even if they are taking up space. Pull out some of your memorable trinkets that have been stuffed into drawers and show them off — they will be fantastic conversation starters!

3. Corral Your Items on a Tray

Starting with a tray will provide a symmetrical perimeter to work within. Blogger Jacquelyn Clark pointed out to Glitter Guide that after selecting a tray it’s helpful to work with an odd number of objects, typically of three, that complement each other but are different in texture and material and don’t necessarily match. In other words, once you have your perimeter set, don’t be afraid to mix and match and be playful!

4. Show Off a Candle, Of Course, and Some Curiosities

Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut says her coffee table is her most favorite place at home for a candle. A lit candle makes the room super inviting and cozy when guests are over, or even when you’re at home by yourself watching Netflix. She also uses her coffee table to show off part of her serious matchbook collection as well as odds and ends that keep people guessing and also make your coffee table styling fun, which is the most important part!

5. Stack Your Favorite Books and Swap Them Out from Time to Time

Caroline’s coffee table has two tiers which makes it ideal for multiple stacks of coffee table books. If you have a similar coffee table and a collection of beautiful books, an easy way to refresh your table for spring is to rearrange your books and swap them out with others around the house. Maybe you have a gardening book on your bookshelf or a bright pink travel book in your room that will brighten up your living area for spring.

Don’t forget to top off all of these tips with fresh flowers in your favorite vase! Even if you don’t have plans to entertain, it’s a simple way to treat yourself and make your home a more enjoyable place to live in. Do you have any coffee table styling tricks that we missed? Please share in the comments below!

xo, Katherine