Caroline shares her Christmas home decor

Is it just us, or does each year seem to go by even more quickly than the last?? Every holiday season we try to slow down and take time for special traditions with our families. Unfortunately, so many things get in the way of celebrating the holidays in full — crazy work schedules, end of year to-do’s, and even holiday prep. We’ve made it a personal goal this year to really savor the season and the joy it represents by planning ahead. Read on below for our tips so that you too can fully enjoy the holidays!

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Get Ahead at the Office

The end of the year always feels like a mad scramble at the office to get everything done. Even though extra hours at our desks might not be enjoyable right now, we’re getting ahead on as much as possible so that we can take time off over the holidays and actually unplug. If there’s ever a time of year to disconnect from work and be fully present with loved ones, it’s now, so make it a goal to get through your to-do list now so you can sign off later! 

 Check Off Your Holiday Shopping

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, it’s prime time for holiday shopping! While it can be fun to pick up a few last minute gifts during the holidays, it’s never enjoyable to scramble for gift ideas the few days before Christmas. Start by making a gift list and budget, and then check off as many as possible during the sales this next weekend. Even if you avoid stores this time of year at all costs, you can accomplish a lot of shopping online! You’ll feel relieved to know that gift wrapping is the only thing left to do. We’re launching our gift guides this week, so be on the lookout for inspiration! 

Caroline shares her Christmas Table Setting

Schedule “Holiday Time” in Advance

Whether you need to request days off work or simply set aside time for you and your family to participate in holiday activities, mark your calendar now so that those special holiday memories don’t slip through the cracks. For example, we’re blocking off the Friday after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree, decorate, and bake holiday treats, all while listening to Christmas music, of course!

Create a Holiday Wish List 

There are so many holiday festivities that we look forward to each year, but sometimes they fall off our calendars because we’re too busy with other commitments. To avoid that, create a wish list of the activities you definitely want to do with your friends and family — whether that’s a day of baking holiday treats, seeing The Nutcracker, visiting a holiday pop up market, or a holiday family movie night. Make sure to designate time for your wish list (see note above) and make it a date before other obligations arise!

Order Holiday Cards Before December!

If holiday cards are your thing, try to order and send them before December is even here. Otherwise, they tend to get put off and sometimes don’t even get out the door until the New Year! This year we’re ordering our holiday cards through Minted which is super quick and efficient. Excited to share our 2018 Christmas card picture with you soon!

Caroline shares her Christmas home decor

Minimize Vs. Overdoing It

It can be so easy to get caught up in the pressure of decorating, gifting, and doing everything just right so that your holidays look Instagram-worthy. At the end of the day, all that matters it that we are cherishing this time with loved ones. Instead of wearing ourselves thin trying to make everything look perfect, we’re focusing on spending quality time with our family and doing a bit less of everything else. That might mean fewer decorations and being turning down glitzy events, but it will mean more time relaxing by a cozy fire with the people who mean the most. 

How do you prep for the holidays? We’d love to hear in the comments below!