I recently expressed my love for fall tweed and coincidentally found this beautiful version from Hunter Bell the next day!  I love mixing prints with tweed and how perfect is the print of the moment, polka dots, with this colorful blazer?!

While this winning combination brings a smile to my face, the luncheon I wore it to was a little heavier, to say the least.  Last Wednesday, Hunter, Donae and I hosted the Women Who Shape Houston Luncheon in partnership with Crime Stoppers CEO Rania Mankarious.  Over chicken salad and chocolate mousse in Tony’s luxe San Remo Room, we listened and learned about horrifying statistics of sexual assault, sex trafficking, bullying and date rape drugs right here in our beloved city of Houston.

These are all tough topics that a few years ago I would have thought fell strictly under the “do not discuss category” here on HOUSE of HARPER. However, the unfortunate reality is that despite Houston being named the new capital of Southern Cool, we also hold the disgraceful title of the number one city for sex trafficking in the country.  Clearly not one we are proud of, but at the same time one that can’t simply be ignored.

Read on below for more information on these prevalent issues in our city, and how you can help prevent these situations by talking to your own children about these tough, and very real topics. 


Photographed by Kate Robinson


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Blouse: Hunter Bell | Blazer: Hunter Bell | Skirt: Tibi | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Handbag: vintage (my grandmothers)

The overarching theme of the luncheon, and one that is appropriate for HOUSE of HARPER, is to talk to your children.  And these conversations should start earlier than you might think.  I encourage all of you to learn more about Crime Stoppers of Houston and read more about the luncheon here. Check to make sure your child’s school is on their list for free Safe School Programs that cover a range of topics of age appropriate content including Cyber Safety, Mental Health, Teen Dating and Bullying.

These are all topics that have been weighing heavy on my heart lately.  If you have children but don’t live in Houston, I would highly encourage you to research your own local programs to help guide you on how to best talk to your children.  @Birds_Bees will be at Chapelwood Methodist Church this Sunday and I am attending so I hope to see some of you there!

Also, I know I have shared this before, but make sure you are following @collinkartchner on Instagram!  He shares so many mind blowing statistics about social media use and mental health.  My kids are a little young for most his messages, but I am so glad I know this information now so I can feel prepared when the time comes.  He has also reinforced the dangers of iPad use with kids, so we are an old school TV family over here!  When we do need electronics outside the home we use downloaded movies or use Amazon Prime Video. Not Youtube Kids.

Thank you for always indulging me and allowing me to share such a wide range of topics with you here on HOUSE of HARPER.  When we create our editorial calendar of topics to write about and share with you, literally the only thing I ask myself is “is this something I am discussing with my friends and family?”.  If it is something that would be relevant to a conversation over dinner, then I think it is something we should share with you.  
If you have any insight or anything to add, please share with us in the comments below.

We are all in this together and here to learn and grow from each other! 
xo, Caroline