P&G delivers safe drinking water packets to billions.

I am excited to partner with Procter & Gamble for the second year in a row for a cause that I feel is so simple it can often be overlooked, but there might not be anything more important, clean drinking water.

In celebration of World Water Day that took place earlier this week, I am honored to partner with P&G to help share their docuseries highlighting stories of four women in Ghana who despite their own obstacles, are committed to supporting other women so that their lives, and the lives of their children, can be improved. Each day, these women work tirelessly to educate others about the importance of clean drinking water – and how to achieve it.

Through P&G’s Children Safe Drinking Water Program they, along with their more than 150 partners,  have provided more than 11 billion liters of clean drinking water, helping to save thousands of lives and helping empower women and girls. Mothers are able to stay healthy so they can work and provide for their families. Children are able to attend school instead of spending their days ill or walking miles to sourcing water.

Fred and I believe one of the best gifts we can give our children is to educate them about challenges others face right here in our backyard and around the globe. It is never too soon for them to understand their privilege and to learn the importance of giving back. Adopting a family less fortunate during the holidays, donating clothes, toys and books to children without and educating them about how we can help families far away with something as important as clean drinking water are all small ways, even our three-year old can grasp.

Watching the women in the docuseries was an important reminder that no matter how hard or busy life can be, there is never an excuse important enough to not make time to give back or to help others. I see these women who face serious obstacles, but still find a way to teach a  neighboring village about the importance of clean drinking water to help change someone else’s quality of life. When I watch these videos, I also can’t help to feel extremely proud of these women who are accomplishing so much with so little. I can’t help but think this is serious girl power!

This post was created in collaboration with Procter & Gamble. Thank you for supporting the products and brands we love at HOUSE of HARPER! And a huge thank you to Procter & Gamble for recognizing the challenges women face around the globe and for lightening their load by providing clean drinking water through their CSDW Program!