Contributor Note: Today’s post is brought to you by Marie Flanigan, founder of Marie Flanigan Interiors. Based in Houston, Marie is an award winning interior designer with clients across the country. With roots and education in architecture and over a decade of design experience, Marie’s strength lies in the integration of interior and structure. Photos courtesy of Marie Flanigan Interiors.

We have been admiring Marie’s work from afar for far too long!  Last week, we decided it was time to pay her a visit in her own stunning guest house and ask the expert for her tips on being the ultimate hostess when it comes to overnight guests. If you are expecting summer guests, don’t miss these simple, budget-friendly tips to help you prepare. Read ahead to learn from a pro on how to transform your guest room into a retreat so that guests feel like they are staying in a cozy boutique hotel.

Create a Texture Trove

Layer soft sheets, cozy quilts, and fluffy pillows to ensure your guest bed is just as comfy as your own. Test-drive your bedding by spending a few nights in your guest suite before family and friends grace your doorstep! You’ll learn a lot by experiencing the space firsthand.

Pro tip: Wash bedding in a luxury detergent with a heavenly scent that will relax your guests as they settle in for the night. For tips on how to make a bed like a pro, head here

Bring the Outdoors In

Fresh flowers, greenery, or even a few branches plucked from your personal garden convey the heartfelt message that this visit is an extra-special occasion. You don’t necessarily need to purchase an arrangement — even a small bud vase perched on the nightstand subtly conveys the fact that you are grateful for your visitors and delighted to welcome them into your home. However, if we are really looking to impress, we call on a professional like Maxit Flower Design.

Keep a stash of candles ready in a nearby closet or drawer for last minute visits. The aroma of lavender or peonies will infuse your guest quarters with a similar breath of fresh air. I love these nature-inspired candles from Jo Malone.

Ready, Set, Refresh

Stocking your guest room with light bites, water, and coffee allows them to enjoy the comforts of home without having to wander down to the kitchen. A happy guest is a well-nourished one! 

Dominate the Details

A simple tray serving up bottled water or a stack of magazines provides guests with a rejuvenating and entertaining stay. A beautiful woven basket can hold throw blankets if they need an additional layer, and can be a great place to stash decorative bed pillows when it’s time to settle in for the night.

Adding a mirror to the space allows for enhanced natural light and prevents guests from having to haul toiletries to the bathroom down the hall to get ready for the day.

Expert Tip: Place hangers in the closet. This is especially important for guests enjoying an extended stay. Being able to unpack a suitcase means guests will feel more organized and less inclined to request an iron.

Bathroom Bliss

Allow your guest room’s spa-inspired vibes to carry to the bathroom as well by putting out fresh towels and luxurious soaps. This previous post does a great job of detailing specific ways to prep your guest bath for incoming friends and relatives.

For more tips on refreshing your guest room (or any room!), we love these tips from Marie’s team.

Do you have any go-to tips for making your guest room feel extra special when friends are in town? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Thank you to Marie and team for sharing your beautiful space and wonderful tips with us!  We now know where our next staycation will be. 😉