If you follow me on Instagram, you likely saw our family has been battling Covid. It started with Fred and then the boys and I tested positive, as well. (We didn’t test Millie.) Luckily, the kids didn’t exhibit any symptoms and Fred and I had mild cases, as well. We will be out of quarantine and back to school and life on Monday, whooo hooo!

I connected with Carli while we were sick and she so kindly reviewed my vitamins with me and shared all her advice and insights. I loved learning more about her integrative approach so much that I asked her if I could share her knowledge here with you all. She so kindly agreed so please read on below and make sure you are following her on Instagram and sign up for her newsletter to receive wellness related info, for free!

The guest post today is brought to you by Carli Kilgore RD LD Real Food + Wellness Consultant, Integrative + Functional Medicine Dietitian. Carli has curated a list of COVID-fighting resources sourced from top professionals in the functional medicine world with many of the tips coming from a geneticist, Dr. Ben Lynch.

Hello! I’m Carli and I run WELLNESS BY CARLI. I am passionate about health truths, the science of food, and overall wellness.  I am guided by a realistic and always optimistic approach, help clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.  Today I am sharing my curated list on COVID-fighting resources.

Luckily, 80% of all cases reported are mild. Although this is certainly reassuring, we still want to be as prepared as possible. 

These clinical gems are powerful. My hope is that this information provides you all empowerment and confidence. Please feel free to share this with anyone whom you think would benefit. Anyone can sign up for my newsletter to receive wellness related info, for free!

If you take care of your body, it will be able to defend itself against anything and heal. Stress management, a diversified microbiome, and targeted nutrition are our most powerful tools.

Below are resources for you to consider. PLEASE consult your medical or wellness professional before starting anything new. This is not medical advice nor does this information substitute instruction from a health care provider. Please contact your health provider before you take any new supplements. Each human is biochemically unique. We all have different factors that will change how interventions land. There is no one size fits all approach.


Increase intake of anti-viral foods: Leafy greens (kale, spinach, swiss chard, etc), garlic, ginger, sea vegetables, turmeric, berries, asparagus, herbs (cilantro, thyme, rosemary, parsley).

Mineral Rich Bone Broth

Soups, Stews + other warm foods. 

Hot Tea (Ginger, Thyme, Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Burdock, cordyceps + Reishi etc).

Reishi + reishi infused coffee.

Elderberry Gummies.

Stay hydrated with electrolytes. This helps you maintain hydration.  Hydration is the primary way your immune system travels through lymph, blood, and elsewhere. If you’re dehydrated, your immune system does not travel, and won’t be able to move any imbalances/pathogens.
Coconut water is my favorite.
You can also add some pink Himalayan sea salt + citrus to your water.
LMNT is a good brand. 
Endura electrolyte packets are also good (you can get them on Fullscripts)

Do not over-eat, it can stress your body. Energy should be conserved for healing, not digesting. Liquid meals as much as realistic.

Eat clean, organic, non-processed food whenever possible. 

Meats–only eat grass-fed + Pasture-raised, Seafood-wild caught only.

Eat locally grown + nutrient-dense produce.

Avoid the top inflammatory foods: Wheat, dairy, corn, sugar, soy, and canola. Sugar can slow down your immune system for up to 6 hours!

Avoid the top inflammatory foods: Wheat, dairy, corn, sugar, soy, and canola. Sugar can slow down your immune system for up to 6 hours!


Stay warm. Viruses HATE heat. Keep your neck wrapped in a scarf. Use a heating pad or hot water bottle. 

Take 30-40 min hot baths regularly. Add magnesium to aid in soothing muscle aches. 

Keep the body hot to support the fever. Fevers are our body’s natural defense system for killing viruses! 
Fever. When to let it go. When to reduce it.
How to support aFever? 

Exercise moderately. Under-training reduces immune function. Overtraining reduces immune function.

Infrared Sauna. This helps mobilize pathogens out of the body. Make sure you are well hydrated and DO NOT sauna if you have a fever. 

I personally prefer a near-infrared sauna. This brand is great. 

Get out in the sunshine every day. This will help modulate your stress response and therefore your immune system.

Keep oral health a priority! Brush and floss regularly.

Avoid Tylenol. “It destroys your liver and glutathione levels.” -Dr. Ben Lynch

REST REST REST. Prop up your head for proper drainage.


You do not ALWAYS need to take these–remember this whole list is for COVID support specifically. Don’t over-supplement and find a wellness professional to find out what is best for you. Only use professional-grade plus third party assessed brands. Avoid Folic Acid–this is a synthetic nutrient and can affect your immune system. 


This contains Olive Lead Extract, Colloidal Silver, and Elderberry fruit 

This is helpful for colds, viruses, flues, yeast, and even parasites

Adults: 1/2 dropper 3x/day with 3 oz of water. Take with a meal- but not with red meat or salmon. The iron in the meat will reduce the effectiveness. 

Children 1/4 dropper 3x/day, same as above, no meat. 

Take for: 14 days ON, 5 days OFF, 7 days ON


Ensure you are not deficient in Vitamin D-this is a KEY nutrient/hormone to support the immune system. Studies have confirmed that COVID risk is MUCH greater if you are deficient in Vitamin D. 

Take D3 along with vitamin K2–for best absorption and so you don’t drive down vitamin K, leading to deficiency. Taking only vitamin D can flood the vitamin K receptors and you won’t absorb it from your food.

My favorite is OrthoMolecular liquid d3k2. 5000-1000 iu/day


Ideally, the form should be zinc bis-glycinate chelate. It means it is easier to absorb.

This is essential during covid and important really anytime someone in the family is coming down with something.

BUT do not take this long term or it will drive down your copper reserves. Start by taking only for 1-2 weeks

My favorite brand is Seeking Health “Optimal Zinc Lozenges”

Up to 60 mg/day for 150# person


This is broad-spectrum support in case you have any deficiencies you are not aware of….an insurance policy for your health 🙂

My favorites are Designs for Health Twice Daily or Thorne Basic Nutrients


These are Specific Pro-resolving Mediators that help clean up cellular debris and truncate the healing process.

This is like the supplemental form of a steroid–sort of, without all the negative side effects. 

This can aid in sore muscles/body aches. 

My favorite is Metagenics SPM active


Let the gut-bugs do their work! 

My favorite is MegapSoreBiotic but it is potent. Start low and go slow. You can open up the capsule and start with 1/4 of one if needed.


 Take one that is certified pure by a third party (they check for heavy metals).

I like Integrative Therapeutics or NFH Trident SAP

NOTE: This can thin your blood so be mindful about taking along with other medications. 


These support detoxification pathways.

For Glutathione I recommend the liposomal.

I like the Quicksilver Scientific brand, 500 mg 2-4 x/day


“The world’s most powerful antioxidant that I know of. Vastly more powerful than vitamin C, E, goji berries, etc. By far.” -Dr. Ben Lynch 

Seeking Health has a PQQ lozenge 


This is great for boosting the immune system and is key in acute infections

I like Seeking Health liquid Vitamin A drops, 5000-10,000 iu/day 


It’s best to use liposomal vitamin C for best absorption.

I like Quicksilver Scientific or Livon Laboratories

You can take as much as tolerated (bowels will change at the upper limit)

Other Helpful Resources

Institute of Functional Medicine’s Supplement recs

Dr. Chris Kresser info