best five nail polishes from OPI_1

Photographed by Kate Robinson

I get so many ‘what nail polish color is that?’ questions on social media, so I wanted to share my 5 go-to polish shades that I wear year-round.  I haven’t veered far from these shades in the last five years, and I don’t plan to anytime soon.

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If you are wondering why they are all OPI Products it is simply because this is what the nail salon always has in stock in both regular and shellac colors and once I find something I love, I am pretty loyal to it. These are the perfect shades of every color I love, so here we go! (L-R):

OPI “Alpine Snow” is the newest color I have added to the rotation and this is one of the most frequently asked about on social.  I love a good white manicure, especially in the summer, but it works year-round!  This is a pure white, like paper or white out.

OPI “Bubble Bath” is an oldie but a goodie. I love a clean, neutral nail, and Bubble Bath is easily my favorite nude with a subtle pink hue. It’s perfect for summertime, and for any formal events where you don’t want your nails to stand out too much (e.g. weddings, showers, job interviews, photo shoots, etc.)

OPI “Big Apple Red” is the best true red. I might be biased towards the name ;), but I love this shade for a bold pop of color. This is another polish that I like to wear throughout the year for various occasions, from work events to cocktail parties that call for an extra confidence boost.  A classic red nail is the perfect accessory for any season (especially this time of year)!

OPI “You don’t know Jacques” is a fantastic transitional color to wear at the end of summer and into fall. It’s a beautiful shade of brownish grey that can be dressed up or dressed down. I always feel pulled together in an effortless way when wearing this color.  It’s a trendy alternative if you don’t feel comfortable going as dark as my next favorite…

OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” is what I wear all winter long. As soon as it’s sweater weather, I gravitate towards this deep shade of purple that is not quite black. Unless I have a special event where I want to swap it out, you will find me wearing this shade from October until February.

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