Skincare is something I have always been really interested in, and especially now that I am in my early 30s, I am always looking for new products that will help me feel more confident and prevent signs of aging. Over the years I’ve shared a lot about my skincare routine with you, and I am really excited to talk about my recent experience with Nu Skin’s ageLOC LumiSpa. This new skin renewal and deep cleansing device makes your skin look and feel better almost instantly. I tried out the treatment — which is very quick, only 2 minutes in the morning and at night — and loved the refreshed and smooth look it gave my skin. Check out my video tutorial and pointers below on how to use this simple cleansing device which is a game changer to my skincare routine!

There are many, many products on the market and it can be overwhelming to sift through them all. I was excited to partner with Nu Skin because they are a science-based brand renowned for their innovative products. The ageLOC LumiSpa has a soft silicone treatment head which makes it a bit different than other cleanser brushes. It’s super gentle and hygienic, and the device removes dead skin and improves your skin brightness and firmness even after one use. I love that it manages to do all of these things in a quick two minutes instead of having to apply various treatments on my face (because let’s be real, I don’t always have time for that!).

I also love how easy the LumiSpa is to use – you simply splash warm water on your face, apply a small amount of ageLOC LumiSpa treatment cleanser on your face (they have cleanser options of normal/combo, oily, or dry), and then wet the device before moving it around your face in a circular motion. Nu Skin suggests dividing your face into quadrants and the device conveniently pauses every 30 seconds to flag that you should move on to the next section. It’s immediately noticeable that the device gently — yet deeply — cleanses away dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and toxins. Your skin feels so refreshed and smooth after! The device is also waterproof and I like that I can use it in the shower if I’m in a rush.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the skin-perfecting and cleansing benefits of the LumiSpa, and am very excited to incorporate it into my daily routine! Have you tried incorporating a cleansing device into your skincare routine? We would love to hear about your experience and results in the comments below!


This post was created in collaboration with Nu Skin. Thank you for supporting the products and brands we love at HOUSE of HARPER!