Product Details: CC Cream: IT Cosmetics | Bronzer: Charlotte Tilbury | Blush: Nars ‘Orgasm” | Setting Powder: Supergoop! SPF | Chapstick: Kiehl’s | Lipgloss: Chanel | Self Tanner: Tan Towels | Mascara: Charlotte Tilbury | Foundation: Charlotte Tilbury

I get a lot of questions on social media about current beauty favorites, so I wanted to share my everyday summer make-up with you. We are officially in the triple digit days of summer in Houston, so I keep my makeup pretty light and simple, but there are a few important steps that can’t be skipped to keep you from sweating it all off.

Step 1: Primer

Primer is always an important first step for ensuring your makeup goes on smooth and lasts all day.  I have a few favorites from over the years, but I am currently using and loving this one from Dermalogica.

Step 2: SPF + Coverage

I LOVE IT Cosmetics CC Cream (with SPF 50)!  I recommend it to all my friends.  It feels so light and doesn’t look like you are wearing much makeup, but still manages to have great coverage. I also love this IT Cosmetics waterproof under eye concealer to give my dark circles a little extra brightness.  I recommend going a shade lighter here (I wear ‘light’.)

Step 3: Setting Powder

To keep your makeup lasting all day long and to keep from looking too shiny in the heat and humidity, I love a good setting powder.  This new one from Supergoop is a recent favorite because it also has SPF.  I actually keep one of these in my purse so I can reapply if I am getting shiny throughout the day and to reapply sunscreen over my make-up in the afternoon.  I have the translucent shade, but it also comes in shades for all skin tones.

Step 4: Add Some Color

I do a quick sweep of bronzer under my cheek bones and add some blush to the apples of my cheeks for some color. I have worn Nars ‘Orgasim’ since college. I’ve tried other colors, but nothing compares – trust me on this one! For bronzer, I am currently using the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter palette and I love both shades.  (The highlighter can be swept under your brows, down your nose and at the bow of your top lip.)

Step 5: Enhance Your Eyes with Mascara

This step is the most important for me – I look so tired without mascara! I have pretty much tried everything on the market over the years, but there are three that I highly recommend and seriously work wonders! I always have one of these products on: They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics, Dior Show or IT Cosmetics Superhero.  I’m personally not a fan of lash extensions so a good mascara is everything! (If your lashes aren’t naturally as long as you would like try NuLash, it works miracles!)

Step 6: Finish it off With Lipgloss 

For my lipgloss, I am not so picky. I have every shade of light pink from more expensive brands to drugstore brands. I have them in my purse, at my desk, in my pocket and in my makeup bag. If I had to pick a favorite right now, it would probably be this Chanel gloss.

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