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As we explore the importance of self care this week, one of our goals is to find a small way to treat ourselves with clean beauty products. This might seem trivial, but setting aside time for something that makes us happy goes a long way. During a busy week we like to unwind and reward ourselves with a mini at-home spa treatment like a face mask or fresh polish change. It’s amazing how devoting 10 minutes to our skin care and beauty routine makes us feel more relaxed and confident.

There are so many beauty & wellness brands on the market and it can be overwhelming to navigate all of the options. It also feels risky to invest in an expensive product that we have never tried. One way we have been narrowing down our options is by honing in on brands that are both effective and safe. With studies continuing to reveal the harmful effects of ingredients that are commonly found in makeup and skin care formulas, we’re paying more attention to labels and being much more selective about what we put in and on our bodies.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite clean beauty and wellness products that have become regulars in our daily routine. 

TULA Skincare

Created by a gastroenterologist who discovered that probiotics can naturally balance and boost skin health, TULA is a skincare line that has really encouraged us to rethink our beauty routine. Probiotics are used in each one of their formulas which also incorporate superfood ingredients like blueberries, flaxseed and turmeric. The Hydrating Day & Night CreamExfoliating Treatment Mask and Illuminating Face Serum are a few of our favorite products from the line. We use the cream and serum in the morning and evening – starting with the serum and then applying the cream on top – for a super luxurious and hydrating feel that keeps our skin looking refreshed even when we don’t get a full night of sleep. A couple of times a week we use the mask for a deep pore cleanse that leaves our face feeling detoxed and refreshed.   

SpaRitual Protein Boost Strengthening Treatment

We’re all about beautiful fall nail polish colors, but it’s also important to give your nails the occasional break and let them breathe. SpaRitual’s Protein Boost® is a clear strengthening treatment that conditions nails and keeps them from breaking easily. My nails are super weak and I keep a bottle of this treatment on hand to reapply every other day. I typically always have nail polish on, but I recently went a couple of months using only this SpaRitual treatment and it really helped improve my nails. I also grew to like the no polish look — it’s super clean and made me feel like a cool French girl who follows a “less is more” beauty mantra.

Care/of vitamins

We recently discovered Care/of, a brand that creates customized vitamin packs to cater to your specific health needs. Care/of makes a point to use clean production practices and also tells you where each vitamin and supplement is sourced so that you can feel confident in the quality. Many vitamins available at the drugstore are made with harsh solvents and processing materials that you wouldn’t want to take; it’s also overwhelming to navigate the vitamin aisle with hundreds of options and brands. Care/of has a variety of supplement options for skin, prenatal, digestion, energy, stress, immune system and pretty much any other area you would want to focus on. Plus, the customized packs come in cute packaging labeled with your name, a fun fact of the day, and an informative outline of each supplement; we’re fans!

Moroccan Argan Oil

When we find a single product that takes care of multiple beauty needs, we get really excited. Acure is a 100% organic Moroccan argan oil that is basically a skin superfood. The oil is rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and proteins and can be used for just about any hydration need. We apply it to our face and body for extra moisture, and even dab a bit in our hair to tame frizz. It also comes in handy as a moisturizing hand and cuticle oil. This oil is super affordable so it’s definitely an item we love to keep on hand!


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