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When StyleList asked me to help judge their P&G Best of the Beauty Aisle in the hair category, I was both honored and excited to test out some new products! The truth be told, I have been in a major hair rut since having Knox.

P&G Best of Beauty
One of the things they don’t tell you before having a baby is that your hair will most likely fall out post delivery. Glamorous, right? The science behind the phenom (simply stated) is that when you are pregnant your hair doesn’t go into the ‘resting stage’ when you shed hair at a natural pace. So postpartum, all those hairs that stayed put for 9 months and gave you that thick mane are now deciding to abandon ship around 3-6 months after delivery.

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Although I know most of you aren’t going through my particular hair drama, I am sure there are others out there, like me, who are in search of hair volumizing products for a thicker, more full look.  I am excited to report that my hair definitely looked and felt more full after using these products.  Not to mention the extra shine from a new favorite Keratin repair treatment!

P&G Best of Beauty 3Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Volumize: Vidal Sassoon Boost & Lift Shampoo
Style + Moisturize: Pantene Silky Moisture Whip
Treat: Pantene Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Repair 60-Second Therapy
Shine: Pantene Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Gloss Oil Mist

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Photographed by Lydia Hudgens

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