{what you need: a soft bristle brush (splurge or steal), a curling wand (mine is 19mm), & flexible hold hair spray}

{step 1: divide hair into 1 inch sections.  my hair is thin so i only have 6 sections total.  hold the wand in the opposite hand of the side you are curling.}

{step 2: wrap your hair around the curling wand, away from your face.  keep 1/2 – 1″ left out of the end, depending on your hair length.  the curl will start where you start wrapping the hair.  i like to start at my ear so the curls aren’t too tight.}

{step 3: continue curling sections around your head.  make sure both sides are wrapped away from the face.}

{step 4: brush out the curls with a soft bristle brush to create a polished look and prevent “piecy” sections.}

{step 5: complete the look with your favorite lip stick and you’re done!}

This post has been a long time coming.  It is easily the most requested from you all, but I hesitated to do it because I am not as confident with my beauty advice, and I certainly don’t have perfect hair.  Then, I realized that is exactly why I should do this post – to show if I can create waves that hold all day, you can too!  I naturally have thin, fine hair.  I have never been able to hold curl or even a perm for that matter (yes, i tried in the early 90’s).  My curling wand is the secrete to my polished waves – and it is easy!  (Warning: use the gloves until you get it down.  I have a few battle wounds from my first few tries!)

For an easy pinable version:


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