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One of the questions I get the most frequently on social media is, ‘What lipstick are you wearing?”.  So I am particularly excited to share a of my current favorites that have been on heavy rotation lately and will be moving into the fall.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a swipe of lipstick can completely change the feel of your outfit. Sometimes I’ll be dressed in a basic white tee and a pair of jeans, and then will put on my favorite red lipstick and it immediately updates the look from casual to chic. I’ve found that different lipstick shades can actually change my mood as well —  certain shades instantly make me feel more put together and sophisticated.

I’ve become more bold over time with lipstick shades. I used to gravitate towards neutrals, but I have gradually added statement colors into the mix. Lipstick is one of those beauty products you can never have too many of, but I like to keep my options streamlined. Here are a few of my go-to shades that I think every woman should have in her beauty arsenal for various events and occasions.

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Hot Pink

When I want to make a statement or feel extra dolled up, I love opting for a girly hot pink lipstick. Especially for a night out on the town, a hot pink hue just makes everything feel a little more fun. NARS ‘Schiap’ is a semi matte shocking pink that I love swiping on when I want to jazz up my look a bit. It’s always great to have this lipstick on hand for last-minute touch ups that can make my whole outfit feel more polished if I’m going from day to night.

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Simple Nudes

For everyday, relaxed occasions nude is my go-to lip color. I love a fresh-faced makeup look with a subtle pop of color like Mac’s Blankety which is a soft pink beige, or Charlotte Tilbury’s Kim K.W. shade paired with Lip Cheat lip liner in Pillow Talk for a little more depth. You can also pair a nude lip with a smokey eye for an evening look that is subdued but still a little sultry.

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Pretty Pale Pink

Pale pink lipstick is a must for days when I need a little pep in my step and want to feel extra feminine. A pretty pink shade like 60’s Pink by Laura Mercier is perfect for throwing on with a floral dress and heels to go out to brunch or to a daytime event. It’s just enough color to give you a little pop but to not feel overdone.

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Photographed by Kate Robinson

Perfect Reds

Every woman should own a couple of dependable shades of red lipstick. I love feeling “Old Hollywood glam” with a perfect red lip paired with a swipe of eyeliner and a chic black outfit. NARS ‘Jungle Red’ is one of my favorites — it’s a semi matte, bright shade of red that really pops and makes me feel extra confident when I’m getting dressed up for an evening event. NARS ‘Shanghai Express’ is another fantastic option; it’s a warm brick red that feels like it should be worn while sipping a martini in an elegant hotel bar.

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Moody Fall Shades

As I swap out my summer wardrobe for fall hues of grey, red, and black, I also give my lipstick drawer a seasonal update with moody fall shades like burgundy and deep purple. Chanel always has amazing wintry lipstick shades like Rouge Vie and La Fascinante that look ultra chic when worn in the colder months with a subtle smokey eye. I love making this transition to darker hues from bright pinks and always update my nail polish to match!

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