Get the Weekly Scoop on the account I'm following, the holiday decor store in Houston that I love, the boys favorite clear piggy bank, and more!

Happy Sunday! We had a relaxing weekend with family including enjoying our last days at the pool before they close for the fall / winter, a fun filled pre-birthday celebration for Knox with my sister and the boys’ cousins and then we ended it all with a little personal growth class at our church. It was just what I needed for a little restoration before a busy week ahead!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Below are a few of my new favorite things I think are worth having on your radar! xo

Account I’m Following: Things I Bought and Liked on Instagram is one of my new favorite IG accounts, but with over +200k followers, I was obviously a little behind on this discovery! This anonymous Houstonian shares her favorite recent purchases and honest reviews in a direct way with the perfect amount of humor mixed in! Because after all, this isn’t serious business. 😉

About Town: I recently shared my trip to Craftex to stock up on holiday decor for a photo shoot and I received a ton of questions about it! For those of you in Houston, you definitely need to add this store to your list! They have a whole room of coffee table books at wholesale prices, as well as garden supplies, faux flowers, and an entire building full of holiday decor! Don’t be turned off by the random location.

Adding to Cart: I absolutely love the Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle from NEST! They are a splurge, but I put mine away with holiday decor and brought it back out this fall so it lasts a long time and is worth every penny!

Boys are Loving: You might have seen on Instagram that the boys put on lemonade and a coffee & donuts stands over the summer. The money they made from both of these stands was promptly put into their clear piggy banks, which they love watching fill up! When it gets full, we take the change to Coinstar at the grocery store to cash it in for a toy and set some aside for saving and giving back, as well.

For the Home: This fall is proving to be super busy with all of the boys after school activities. In an effort to stay on top of everything, we started using our new personalized family wall calendar! Knox loves checking off the days and helps me remember what he needs each day.

Currently Reading: I just started Jeffrey Archer’s new book Nothing Ventured and can’t put this British Crime novel down! He is one of my favorite authors – hello, Clifton Chronicles!

Inspired By: I am loving everything by NOLA-based artist Alexis Walter! I received a set of her beautiful minis for my home from Paloma & Co. and I love them! She’s launching a textiles collection soon so you will definitely want to follow what’s to come, as well!

In the Kitchen: I’m taking a cue from Marcia of Smart in The Kitchen and holding onto summer just a little longer while fresh corn is still in season by making this corn chowder soup! Is so comforting and delicious even your kids will love it!