On this edition of weekend reading we are featuring articles about 5 ways rejection helps you grow, a spicy frozen margarita recipe, 3 things to do this summer if you are feeling lost, a Mason Pearson hairbrush review, and how to deal with internet critics, sourpusses, and trolls.

Happy weekend! I can’t believe summer is around the corner. School is almost out and the boys are busy with little league baseball (I posted a few cute pics of them in their uniforms!) and Knox is loving swim team. I’m trying to get as much work done as possible before they’re both home every day! As always, I’m sharing my five favorite articles from around the web this week. Read on below! xo

5 Ways Rejection Helps You Grow: I love this positive message from Brighton the Day about how rejection can make you wiser and stronger in the long run.

Spicy Frozen Mango Margaritas: Excited to test out this recipe over Memorial Day weekend!

Feeling Totally Lost? Here Are 3 Things To Do This Summer That Will Help: If you’re in a rut, these practical steps will help you get back on track this season.

Mason Pearson Haribrush Review: So many people swear by this brush and I love this detailed review from my friend Grace — I’m sold!

How To Deal With: Critics, Sourpusses, Trolls: Unfortunately dealing with criticism and flat out mean comments is something we all experience in life. I love how The Skinny Confidential tackles this issue!