Happy weekend! I’ve been organizing my home office this week and it feels fantastic to kick off the year with a decluttered work space! In case you missed it, our team also recently took on a WeWork office decorating project and we love how the space turned out.

This weekend I’m sharing articles that are keeping me motivated to stick to my 2019 resolutions, as well as my perfect day in Houston guide that I created for M Loves M! Enjoy!

The Medical Medium on the Virtues of Celery Juice: If you search #celeryjuice on Instagram you’ll see tons of testimonials about its seemingly magical healing properties. This article has insightful info and tips about this “miracle juice”.

5 Easy Tricks to Keep You Focused While Working: After a wonderful holiday break I am back in the office and focused on being productive. I especially love Brighton’s trick of batching tasks! 

How To Declutter Your Digital Space: Ever since “Tidying Up” debuted on Netflix it seems that everyone is decluttering their spaces! Don’t miss these tips from Camille Styles to help organize your digital life as well as your physical spaces.  

My Perfect Day: Houston, TX with Caroline Harper Knapp: I had so much fun sharing what my perfect day in Houston would entail with my friend Mara of M loves M!  

The 2 Tricks I Use To Get Excited About Eating Healthy, Even When I’m Over It: If you need a little motivation to keep up with your healthy eating resolutions, these tips are for you!