1. The Shocking Truth About Nighttime Potty Training: I have heard a lot of talk among friends recently about when to take away the bedtime pull ups.  It seems like the ages vary from two to ten and it can vary a lot boys versus girls.  Knox was, what I am now realizing, a rare child that actually potty trained during the day and evening at (about) the same time (he was two years old).  I found this article comforting to know that before we start with Andrew that there really isn’t any training involved in the evenings.  You just have to wait until they consistently wake up with a dry diaper.

2. How Vineyard Vines Built A Giant Brand Without Raising A Penny Of Equity: I love reading stories about how brands I love were built.  The story of Vineyard Vines, a favorite brand for all three of my boys, was a interesting read on how they did it without raising any capital.  Speaking of, do you ever listen to How it Was Built Podcast?  It’s a good one!  (See our other favorite PodCast here!)

3. Implementing The One Minute Rule: I loved this article from Helena about implementing the one minute rule.  I am sure this is a popular topic considering how well known the The Happiness Project is, but I personally haven’t read it so the concept was new to me.  I personally find myself thinking “I’ll do that when…”, but then that time doesn’t get here soon enough and I find myself late to reply to an email or my house is a total mess.  I love the idea of doing little things along the way to prevent getting to that completely overwhelmed state where you have too much on your plate to tackle.

4. America’s Matriarch OR America’s Matriarch: I love seeing our whole country, no matter what political party you belong to, come together to celebrate the life and legacy of Barbara Bush.  I would be lying if I said I haven’t shed a few tears reading about all her accomplishments and the loving words from her family.  Her services were held here in Houston where they called home after their time in the White House.  They left such a mark on this community and the entire country.  I know her legacy will live on long after her time here.  And how beautiful is this illustration of Barbara reuniting with her daughter?  (She lost Robin to cancer when she was just four.)

5. The Biggest Sephora Sale Of The Year: Have you heard?!  Now is the time to stock up on all your beauty favorites.  The Sephora sale is going on now until Monday!  I am linking to some of my favorites for you below…