1. Have Smart Phones Destroyed a Generation?  I have read several articles discussing the changes smart phones are making to our society and future generation, but none this thorough and alarming.  Sometimes this small town girl just wants to move to a farm and lock away all our electronics.  That may be a little dramatic, but if you have children this is a must read.

2. Turns Out, Stress Is Contagious (And It Can Actually Change Your Brain) – If you’ve ever felt like the stress of a friend, family member, partner, or even an acquaintance was rubbing off on you, a new study has confirmed that it’s not just in your head.

3. The Top Money Mistakes Women Make – A great read with some important takeaways whether you are single or in a relationship.  “Let’s put it this way: if one woman starts saving at age 25 and another starts at age 35, the younger woman can have double the retirement savings at age 65.”

4. Five-Ingredient Trader Joe’s Tacos – I am definitely adding these delicious and simple tacos to our grocery list this weekend!

5. A Spring Favorite From This Houston Design Duo – I love this sister design duo and everything their business stands for. It is the perfect time of year to stock up for summer and / or travel!

Have a great weekend!

xo, Caroline