I hope everyone’s September is off to a great start! I am excited to be participating in Camille Styles’ social media challenge encouraging us to put down our phones, connect with one another, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like reading books! The books we’ve selected for our September book club are fantastic reads to help reset, reorganize, and give yourself a little grace when you can’t do it all — because no one can!

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Present Over Perfect: Fellow mama and writer Shauna Niequist relays her personal journey to achieving a life filled with depth, grace and peace of mind in this series of essays. Instead of focusing on perfection, she encourages us to focus instead on what really matters: being present, authentic and mindful in all that you do. 

The Food Therapist: In a day and age where we’re constantly inundated by ideas about optimal health and how to achieve it, it’s easy to feel anxious, confused and even guilty about our relationship with food. Questions like which foods are actually ‘clean’ and when it’s acceptable to indulge can seem impossible to answer. Dietician Shira Lenchewski ventures to simplify our increasingly complicated relationship with food and teaches us how to feel healthy without depriving ourselves. 

Drop the Ball: The misconception that in order to ‘have it all,’ you have to do it all is a common, impossible goal, particularly among women. Author Tiffany Dufu shares her experience about having to “drop the ball” in some areas in order to achieve goals that matter most.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: This New York Times best-seller offers a unique approach to achieving a tidy space that will bring you joy, motivation and peace of mind. While most methods of organization today promote a gradual approach to decluttering that can feel unending, author Marie Kondo explains how to effectively organize your home by category that, if done right, only has to be done once. 

How to Break Up with Your Phone: Sometimes our phone can feel like less of a device and more like an extra appendage. Not only are they huge time-suckers, but they have also been proven to decrease our attention span and dull our ability to focus and contemplate. This detailed guide to addictive technology and its role in our lives is a must-read if you’re looking to regain control of your life and achieve a healthy, balanced relationship with your smartphone.