{my hubby enjoying first class; imperial palace; sushi; fisherman’s wharf; more sushi; cherry blossoms; giorgio armani fashion show; my new sorrelli necklace}

Yesterday was our first day in Tokyo, and it has already been an amazing trip!  My feet are exhausted from all the walking, but it was a beautiful day for sight-seeing.  We started the morning off at the Fisherman’s Wharf and watched the fisherman bring in the fresh catches of the day, did a lot of walking to see the different neighborhoods, stumbled upon the Giorgio Armani fashion show, and checked out the Imperial Palace.  The cherry blossoms are already starting to bloom in the East Garden which got me so excited for spring.

The people here are so respectful and helpful and the food is amazing!  We are getting ready to head out again so I gotta run, stay tuned for more updates!