I am on the bullet train heading from Tokyo to Kyoto today.  Although, I am sad to be leaving the vibrant city, I am excited to see the more historical and romantic side of Japan, as well.

I was able to snap a few street style photos yesterday when we were walking around Harajuku. This fashion street is a popular hangout for teenagers on the weekends. Walking around it is easy to spot loads of quirky apparel and gawk-worthy designs.  The most prevalent and consistent trend I spotted on the Harajuku girls is the “school girl” look.  (It is complete coincidence my last post before leaving was a nod to the trend.)  The popular style most often consisted of a very feminine skirt with pleats and/or lace details paired with a contrasting masculine boot or shoe with a platform.  What makes the look unique in Japan is their daring printed tights.  Everywhere you look, girls are wearing bold tights or knee-high socks.

The Japanese women take more risk with their hair and make-up, as well.  It wasn’t uncommon to see women wearing wigs, bows or flowers in their hair.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Tokyo fashion as much as I did!