When packing for a long trip where you have multiple destinations and will be traveling on trains, planes, and automobiles, you want to pack lightly without sacrificing style.  When packing for our trip to Japan & China, I made sure to include items that would all mix and match together to leave me with maximum options and minimal baggage.  All the clothes I packed fit into a carry on roller bag, but I never had to re-wear a look.

I photographed most the variations of the outfits above, but  all the tops photographed with black pants work with jeans, as well (leopard top and the t-shirt and blazer combo).  Most hotels will do laundry for a minimal fee so you can wash and re-wear along the way!  I chose to keep my accessories simple by just adding a statement necklaces for the easiest and most dramatic effect.  (Plus, I always think it is smart to leave your nice things at home.)

Without further ado, here is what to pack…

Bottoms: jeans, black pants, printed skirt, colored pants

Tops: denim shirt, striped shirt, leopard shirt, colored sweater, white t-shirt, black blazer

Accessories: flat boots for day, casual heels, and evening heels, statement necklaces