Our internet is already turned off and we are waiting for the movers to arrive. I popped into the coffee shop down the street to publish this post and as I sit here there are a million emotions running through my head.

I know this is not the last New York coffee shop I will be working from as I will come back often for work and to visit our friends and this addicting city we have called home for the last 4 years (so I won’t get too emotional on you this morning). 🙂

Running downstairs to go to the store, pick up flowers, grab a coffee, etc. will be one of the things I miss most about the city.  I love walking everywhere and having everything you need just down the block.  People often think living in NYC would be hard, but for this reason I actually think life in the city is pretty simple.

This white blouse and my skinny jeans have become my uniform lately.  It’s just so easy and effortless, but I love the way a crisp white shirt looks so polished and classic.