As I’m sure many of you can relate to, some days I feel like I’m in the car with Knox and Andrew more than at home. With two boys under five, I’ve gotten used to constantly shuffling the boys around in the car from school to home, on errands and grocery store runs, and to their favorite activities around Houston — not to mention our frequent four hour road trips to see my parents in Corsicana!

While the feeling of living in your car be frustrating, some days it’s just inevitable. Instead of viewing it as wasted time, I try to make the most of it by ensuring that our car is a comfortable place to be, and by spending our time in the car wisely. It’s also super important to me that our time spent in the car is safe, which is why I’m thrilled to collaborate on this post with Maxi-Cosi. Read on below for my five tips to make the most of your time in the car and to ensure it’s comfortable and safe!

1. Stop Along the Way

When the boys are in tow with me for errands, or if we’re heading out for a fun adventure, I like to plan stops along the way to keep everyone entertained. One of the boys’ favorite stops is grabbing a snow cone treat at Bebidas in Houston on our way to the children’s museum. As a parent, making more stops than necessary isn’t always the most appealing strategy because it takes time to get your kids in and out of the car. I’ve really enjoyed our Magellan Max car seat that has an EZ Out harness enabling me to get the boys unbuckled and then resituated quickly. Every little convenience and minute saved counts!

2. Prioritize Safety

As I’m sure many of you who are moms can relate to, that first car ride home from the hospital with a baby is so terrifying as a new parent! Although I’m a bit more relaxed now than that first trip home almost five years ago with Knox, safety is always top of mind when driving around a big city with the boys in the backseat. With so much time spent in the car, it’s important that I have the safest car seats available for Knox and Andrew. With the Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max, a new 5-in-1 convertible car seat that accommodates children from birth to age 10, I know that Knox and Andrew are both well protected. It has patented Adjustable Side Impact Protection which creates a customized fit for all growth stages and ensures maximum protection. I feel so much more at ease driving the boys across town and to my parents home in Corsicana knowing that they have the best car seats available! The Magellan Max retails for $399.99 and is available at Albee Baby, Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby, and other speciality retailers. 

3. Sneak in a Bonding Game with Your Kids

Time in the car with your kids is the perfect opportunity to hear about their day at school or to ask them general questions about their thoughts and feelings. I recently found a list of intentional questions to ask the boys after school that is so helpful in getting the conversation started. I love hearing Knox and Andrew’s  imaginative and sweet thoughts and opinions at their current ages and will always treasure these car conversations as the years go by.

4. Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable

When you’re in your car almost as much as your own home, it’s so important to be comfortable and relaxed. As anyone with little ones knows, keeping a car clean is not the easiest, but you can at least ensure that everyone is comfortable with the proper seating and provisions (i.e. snacks and beverages!).

We’ve owned car seats in the past that caused the boys to feel antsy and uncomfortable, and it’s been so helpful to have Maxi Cosi’s Magellan car seats that are made with premium, machine washable fabrics (a must!) and have a harness system that prevents straps and the crotch buckle from getting caught and bunched under the boys (never fun). Plus, the car seats’ contemporary, timeless designs look nice in my car, which I really appreciate!

When it comes to provisions, I always keep “emergency snacks” on hand for when the boys are hungry or thirsty to make sure that we get to where we are going without any tears or unnecessary stops. If I’m being honest, snacks, a coffee, and bottle of water are crucial for me to feel O.K. about being in the car for long periods of time as well!

5. Turn on a Podcast

Whether I’m in the car by myself, or in the car with the boys, I love having a good podcast cued up for educational entertainment. I have my own favorite list of podcasts, and there are also so many children’s podcasts available now that are great for boosting their imagination and audio learning. While sometimes screens feel necessary for long road trips, I love giving the podcast a go first. Any way to sneak in some education on-the-go is ideal!

Thank you to Maxi Cosi for partnering with us on this post!

Do you have any tips for making the most of your time in the car with kids? I’d love to hear in the comments below!