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We took a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York City as a family in December and I almost forgot to share it! In fact, I was horrible all year about sharing our travels on here (Santa Barbara, Colorado, San Antonio and Jackson Hole all went undocumented)!  I am thinking about posting them all and then archive them back to the proper month.  So, sorry for the Christmas post in March, but I couldn’t let these get lost in the sea of photos on my iPhone forever. (Speaking of, does anyone have any tips for photo organizing?! Help!)

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Early morning flight in our pj’s to New York City! Big Abby in tow, of course!

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We made it to our home away from home thanks to our sweet friends!  Thanks for sharing your fun room, Elise! xo

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When we landed and got settled at the apartment, Andrew needed a nap so we left Drew and Dad behind and Knox and I walked to Sarabeth’s for a coffee and hot chocolate break.  Knox is saying, “One cookie for you and one for me!”

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I love this picture of Knox with One World Trade behind him and the cab just entering the corner.  It’s crazy to think how much he has grown since his first meal at Sarabeth’s Tribeca when he was just a few weeks old!

New York City with Kids_12 14 44 PM

Knox quickly jumped right back in to his old city baby ways and was the official cab hailer. 😉  After Andrew’s nap we headed Uptown to check out the Christmas tree!

New York City with Kids_5 41 05 PM

Andrew snug as a bug in a rug at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree!

New York City with Kids_5 41 29 PM (2)

I love seeing life through our children’s eyes and this was just the reaction I was hoping for!  Knox thought the giant Christmas tree was just as magical as I still do!

New York City with Kids_7 26 45 PM

The kids took the subway like true New Yorkers.  Andrew outgrew the boots I had packed for him so we had to stop at a kids store and buy new shoes!  #momfail

New York City with Kids_12 45 47 PM

We woke up to beautiful white powder on Saturday morning!  The first snow of the season is always so magical and we were so excited to experience it!

New York City with Kids_3 30 44 PM

Playing in the snow!

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Andrew wasn’t sure what to think…

New York City with Kids_6 17 32 PM

Off we go, again!  Central Park, here we come!

New York City with Kids_3 02 19 PM

Saturday afternoon, we headed Uptown to Central Park to walk in the park and show Knox the horse-drawn carriages before heading to Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular!

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A snowy Central Park

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Sweet Andrew being the best trooper at Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular!

radio city christmas spectacular
When we bought the tickets for both boys, I never dreamed that Knox would sleep through the whole thing and Andrew would be clapping and staring in awe.  Kids really are unpredictable!

New York City with Kids_9 53 08 PM

The best part about going back to the city isn’t getting to catch up with our old friends.  They happen to be hosting their annual Christmas Party while we were there so we got to pop in and see everyone in one stop, it was perfect!

New York City with Kids_2 46 03 PM

Knox loved all the Christmas trees on the sidewalks!

New York City with Kids_2 38 57 PM

We have so many books about NYC and Knox loved seeing everything in person that he remembered from his books and pictures from when he was a baby.  I think his favorite was the subway!

knox tribeca swing set

We spent most the weekend hitting up our old neighborhood spots from our favorite restaurants to go-to parks.  (Left: Knox when we lived there.  Right: Knox now coming to visit his old park.  Same boy, same swing.)

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The Seaglass Carousel at Battery Park was new to us as it wasn’t complete before we moved back to Texas.  We checked it out on our way to the airport on Sunday afternoon and it was a big hit for both the boys!

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Fred was going to the city for work on Monday so I decided we should all go the Friday before for a fun family weekend. This was a great idea except the fact that it meant I was traveling home alone with two kids.  Luckily, it was an evening flight so they both slept most the way, but Knox wouldn’t wake up to get to the car so I had to get creative.  (He put the coat over his head, not me.)

New York City with Kids_10 51 31 PM copy

I was wearing Andrew in the Bjorn and we pushed Knox with the luggage.  I am always amazed at how kind strangers are at the airport when I am traveling alone with kids.

A huge thank you to our friends, The Underwoods, for letting us stay at their perfect apartment!  We were able to travel without all the baby contraptions and cold weather gear and just make ourselves at home.  Staying in our old neighborhood with everything we needed made our trip feel like we were living there again and could have only been more perfect if you were there, too! xo

Until next time, New York! xo