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It’s hard to believe we’re already in the middle of fall! With Halloween and the holiday season quickly approaching, we decided to make a list of activities to help us fully embrace this cozy season. From family-friendly outings to solo adventures, this list has us excited for festive moments in the weeks to come!

Host a Halloween Soirée

Whether or not you’re a huge Halloween fan, decorating your home and hosting friends is one of the best ways to get into the fall spirit. A Halloween party doesn’t mean you have to deck out your home with orange and black — you can bring an element of sophistication to your gathering with jewel toned florals, white “ghost pumpkins” and a festive cocktail. Having friends and neighbors over while the kids run around and enjoy the festivities will make you feel like you are celebrating, even if you’re not in costume!

Make a Fall Treat from Scratch

On a crisp fall day, few things beat baking in a cozy kitchen with music playing in the background! This is a great way to get little ones into the fall spirit as well. We recently made a couple of kid-friendly Halloween recipes with our friend Marla Murphy the founder of The Blonde Pantry that are perfect for classroom treats! 

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

One activity we look forward to every year is a visit to our church pumpkin patch. The boys absolutely love picking out pumpkins, and it’s always an adorable photo opp! Pumpkin carving is a must as well, especially on a pretty fall day when you can carve pumpkins in the yard (and avoid making a mess indoors!). We also love roasting the seeds for a yummy snack.  The boys are to a perfect age to embrace this tradition and Knox has already ask to carve our decorations so this will be one of the first things we tackle!

Binge Watch Fall Movies

Some of our most favorite movies are set in the fall, and we love dedicating a cozy movie night (with my favorite fall candle burning) to watch them! From You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally to Love Story and Dead Poets Society, there are so many classics that will get you in the fall spirit (scary movies not required 😉 ).

Spend Time in Nature

Fall is one of the best seasons to spend time outdoors. Crisp air, changing leaves, fewer bugs — it doesn’t get much better! Whether you dedicate more time to visiting your local park, plan a day trip for apple picking (Blessington Farms is amazing for our Houston crowd), or spend a weekend away somewhere to take in the fall foliage, you’ll appreciate this time of year so much more when you disconnect and get away from your screens! FYI National Take a Hike Day is November 17th. 😉

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

Visiting your local farmer’s market is the perfect way to spend a crisp fall Saturday morning. It’s a wonderful place to teach kids which produce is in season, plus, when you visit the farmer’s market in the fall there’s a good chance you’ll find apple cider donuts (my favorite!) and other yummy seasonal treats! Once you pick up fresh produce, find a fall recipe to experiment with like this squash soup by Smart in the Kitchen.

Practice the Danish Sentiment of Hygge

Hygge – pronounced “hoogah” – is a Danish term used to describe the cozy feeling you get when you’re at home with loved ones, phones put away, fully enjoying each other’s company. Fall tends to be one of the busiest seasons, and it’s important to slow down and enjoy quality time with friends and family in the comfort of your home. Light candles, put on a great playlist, and open a bottle of wine with the people you care about most. It doesn’t get more cozy than that!

Do you have any favorite fall traditions? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!