Photographed by Kate Robinson

I hope everyone is spending this Thanksgiving with the ones they love with a full heart of gratitude for where you are in this moment of life.  We all have so many things to be thankful for, even if your list looks very different from mine.  I know I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  I love connecting with you all through social media, email and comments and I am so grateful for this blog from introducing me to so many inspiring women around the world.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  1. Our faith in knowing God is our savior.

  2. Our family’s health.

  3. My husband, partner and best friend.

  4. Two crazy, sweet, smart and loving little boys and their adorable brotherly relationship with each other.

  5. Our first house that we have made our home.

  6. Having my in-laws down the street and our weekly family meals.

  7. Having my family a few hours down the highway and our frequent visits.

  8. Doing something I love and getting to call it work.

  9. All of the readers, brands, bloggers and agencies I get to meet, work with and collaborate with everyday who keep me inspired, challenged and motivated.

  10. All my grandparents.  Even though this is our first Thanksgiving without any of them here, I am forever grateful of the memories and the legacy they left us.

  11. My mother’s homemade Thanksgiving dinner.  And every other meal she makes throughout the year.

  12. Amazon Prime, Instacart, Favor and every other modern convenience that makes parenting a little easier.

  13. Soft sheets and cute pajamas.

  14. They boy’s schools, their teachers and Gloria (our babysitter) for loving our boys and helping them learn and thrive.

  15. My Keurig and Iced Coffee maker for keeping me caffeinated every morning.

  16. Podcast and Audiable books and the ability to keep learning.

  17. For the service men and women of our country who make so many sacrifices so we can enjoy freedom of religion and speech and so many other luxuries we often take for granted.

  18. The smell of Christmas.  Actually everything about Christmas.

  19. Red wine and date nights with FMK.

  20. My sister and brother and knowing I have best friends that will always be there because they are also family.

  21. My girlfriends.  I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends from every phase of life (high school, college, NYC and Houston) that inspire me to be a better mom and person, hold me accountable and support me.

  22. Kate, Kathryn and Katelyn for making work fun and for always entertaining my ideas and making them even better!

  23. For Heroes for Children for introducing me to a wonderful cause and for all the inspiring families and children they support.