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January 8th, 2014


I got a Fitbit for Christmas and it has been the most motivation I have had since high school. (Wow, that is really embarrassing to admit.)  When you literally see your activity in black and white numbers it can really motivate you to get up and get moving.

My favorite thing about New York City is that it is a walking city. For someone who hates the gym, I love that I can get my daily exercise by simply living my life: carrying my groceries home, walking home after dinner to help off set the pasta I just ate or taking a stroll with Knox to enjoy what the city has to offer.

On Monday, we did just that.  I knew Tuesday’s weather would keep us indoors so we headed out to get a head start on our weekly steps. I pretended to be a tourist and traded photography skills with others on the bridge hoping to capture the moment.  The things I do for this blog. 😉

frank gehry building
Confession, I only took 2,668 steps yesterday. In my defense, it was 3 degrees outside so Knox and I were stuck in the apartment.   This weather is really getting in the way of my family competition.  Mom and Sarah, watch out for warmer days!


Outfit Details: Coat: J.Crew | Jeans: ℅ JBrand | shoes: Superga | scarf: ℅ Cuyana | hat: ℅ Old Navy (similar) | Stroller: Bugaboo Bee | gloves: Marc by Marc | watch: Fitbit


As we were walking back towards home, the sun started setting and the reflections on the bridge and buildings were too beautiful not to share.

Photographed by me & a few friendly tourist

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7 Responses to “BROOKLYN BRIDGE”

  1. Niki Kutac   01/08/2014

    I have been trying to decide if I wanted to get a Fitbit for the same reasons you listed here, being able to actually see my steps/activities with chasing around my girls, your blog has convinced me to get one!!

    I love your blog!!

  2. Alyssa   01/08/2014

    i just got a Fitbit too, and I’ve been amazed how motivating it is. I get weirdly thrilled when I hit 10K steps. :)


  3. Elizabeth   01/08/2014

    It’s great to be able to just do daily life to get exercise. I was in the best shape ever when I was in college and walked everywhere around the college town and campus. Now in Houston, on top of sitting at my desk for 9 hours, I sit in the car another 2 in traffic. :) At least there are shopping lunch breaks to get some walking in, hehe

  4. Meghan   01/08/2014

    omg I love that you put “photographed by a friendly tourist” so amazing. You look darling- love this little field trip you took with Knox!

  5. Jacqueline   01/08/2014

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The gym is absolutely ZERO fun… but spending your waking hours/days walking the streets of New York? Well, there’s nothing better!

  6. Natalie   01/14/2014

    Thinking of getting one of these and wondering does it account for breastfeeding?

    • Caroline Harper Knapp Post author   01/14/2014

      Unfortunately it doesn’t, but at least I know I’m burning even more than I see!

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